Education Log

I’m new here so maybe this is a dumb question. How come the courses that I took before I became a member don’t show up in my Education Log? I have certificates of completion for " Safe Practices for the Home Inspector" and “Structural Issues for the Home Inspector”. Neither one shows up in the education log. When I try to add them it tells me that they have already been added to the log. I just completed the Roofing course and it shows up. What’s going on? Thanks in advance for any help.

Just add them to you log William

Besides what Wayne mentioned, you should also copy and paste a copy on your on Document Files for backup.
If something would ever happen to the Nachi Log, your back-up would be your only proof of those CE’s


Because our system can’t verify non-members (which is what you were when you took these courses). You’ll have to enter them by hand.

I had the same problem as is stated when you try to enter them by hand it will not allow you to becuase the system says they are already entered.
What I finally did was retake both courses then they showed up.

That’s kinda what I thought I’d have to do. Thanks.