Another Deck

Here is another deck. The joists are sitting on strip of wood, tie in strong ties and screwed with deck screw on the other side.

So did you write up lack of ledger board flashing?


How fast does wood rot in KS?

Guess they were trying for the floating deck.

No! There is a gap between that strip of wood and the house. Here in the KC metro the local AHJ allows, a piece of treated wood as a spacer, that fills the need of flashing. I am doing more research on this thing.

Buck, what kind of engineered laminated beam is that deck sitting on near the house? I can’t make it out.
Catilever for 2x8 should not exceed 2’ I believe and it looks more than that.
Also they used h2.5 anchors for the uplift and that type of hanger has a left and a right and also should have nailes in all the holes.
Just not sure what kind of beam that is at the house or how it is supported. :slight_smile:


I do not know!! I got the nails and the ties. I will refer to a qualified deck contractor. I am have never seen one like this.