Another fine pool aux panel

This one powered the pool motor, outlets, pool lights, heater and hot tub. :shock:

See anything wrong???

What size breaker is protecting the feeders? Is the neutral terminal isolated from the panel? It’s difficult to determine from your picture.

30 amps :smiley:

It was difficut for me to see and I was there.

Looks like the breakers might be from different manufacturers. You would need a load calculation to determine if the 30 amp feeder is of adequate size. Is this at/on a separate structure? If so I see no grounding electrode conductor so I would assume that there is no grounding electrode system installed.

What would the load requiements be to cover a…
hot tub
pool lighting
pool pump motor
Gas fired pool heater

all in one panel. I would think just the hot tub itself would do it, but out of curiosity what size breaker and wire would be needed.

This panel was on the back of the home and the ground was present, just not connected in the panel. I found it loose and lying in the grass. :slight_smile:

If the panel wasn’t mounted to a separate structure then no GES is required. There is an insulated EGC in the feeder which is required to ground the panel.

As far as load goes, without specific nameplate ratings from the equipment you cannot answer the question as to where or not a 30 amp feeder is adequate.

It’s pretty common to find a 40 amp feed on a system with multiple pumps and lights. 30 amps may be sufficient in this case.

If the heater is electric (which is very unlikely), it would need a larger circuit.

If the neutral bar is isolated and ground bar is bonded, which they both appear to be (not sure), is there actually anything wrong here?

IMO nothing that is readily identifiable from the photo.

The circuit for the pool lights had tripped and wouldn’t reset, which was the main issue at hand. The sizing was somthing uncommon for me to see, especially with all that was on it. We will see what the next guy has to say when they come to replace the breaker or correct the issue.

What caused it to trip??

It was already tripped Chirs. Its not my job to guess with pool lights, but if I had to I would start with a faulty breaker.

Maybe it got too hot while running all the other stuff.:mrgreen:

Not likely.

There’s probably a ground-fault in the lighting circuit, and the breaker is doing it’s job. This often happens when the seal for the pool light fails.

You did try to reset the breaker…not your job either.

Maybe the breaker was doing it’s job.

what about double taps and wrong colored wires. hot and neutral same color as some wire going into breakers. i know they arent the exact same wire, but souldnt they be different colors.

Those are GFCI breakers which require that the neutral is connected to the CB.