Panel question at REO inspection today

Looking for feedback. See any issues? Other than the opening in the picture with the cover installed. I’m curious about the 14GA wire feeding the double 20A breakers near the bottom, marked pool filter. There was no GFCI (or disconnect at all) near the pool equipment.

14 in on a 20 amp breaker is wrong. Also looks like you have two neutrals under one screw. Are those multiple aluminum grounds all under one screw??

There was a period of time when GFCI protection was not required for hardwired pool pump motor’s. This requirement was reinstated in the 2008 NEC. Also I believe that a hardwired pump may have an OCPD larger than the conductor size due to starting current compensation, as with other motors covered under Article 430 of the NEC. A thermally protected pump would use the OCPD to provided short circuit and ground fault protection, but not overload protection.

Thanks for thinking the same thing I was about the conductors to the motor load. I scanned this and then got some coffee while I thought about this and you posted in the mean time.

Sure looks that way in the picture, but I looked specifically for that condition and didn’t find any.