another FP stab-loc

Would you warn the sellers agent to tell her client to install smoke detectors over a FP stab-loc panel and have it evaluated immediately.

I did an inspection today and when I removed some heavy storage boxes that were hiding the electrical panel I said a little to loud that “That’s why you were hiding”

Well I did and this was her response

“Hi Tom,
Can you tell me if you actually pulled the cover off the electrical box? I don’t remember seeing that but wasn’t there the whole time.
I have spoken with an electrician who says that while the FP boxes can be problematic, the main thing is the condition of the wiring: how are the connections and what is the condition of the insulation, etc.
I appreciate your comments and have relayed them to the Seller. As I also indicated, he currently carries and has carried homeowner’s insurance since he purchased the house, so it is insurable. I’m just afraid that without the proper presentation about this that the buyer, who is easily alarmed and hypersensitive about her first home purchase may have gotten the wrong impression.
I will review the link you sent and we will move forward accordingly. I just hope that it is with the buyer in tow.”

I don’t have conversations with salesmen about my findings. I put them in writing and provide them to my client and let the agent and client discuss my findings.

Neverever…ever…ever will I allow anyone to even think that they have input as to what goes into my report or how I word it. Not even my client.

My report reflects my observations and it will alarm or not alarm whoever reads it long after I have determined what I want it to say.

It sounds like your observations and reporting were representative of the true condition of the property. I’m proud of ya, keep up the good work!

Past performance is not indicative of future results especially in the state of Fl where insurance coverage is a crap shot from being unattainable. The owner has insurance because the insurer is unaware of the FPE panel.

James is right. I get e-mails like this all the time.
It is in the report that is designed for his use and you can talk to my client is my response unless he gives me permission to discuss the report with you.

State Farm is starting to insure these panels now.

Most likely due to this CPSC press release.

What do you think about this??

Will it change how you report FPE panels?

Not for me…

Nope – I’m still recommending upgrade.

I still call it a possible insurability issue.

I received an emaill from an a clients buyers agent today whom I did an inspetion on Friday that had an FPE stab loc panel.

Below is part of the email that was sent to an Real estate office and then to me.

Hi everyone,
Jim ******(Inspector with over 5000+ inspetions) did an inspection for a buyer of mine recently and he educated us on the Federal Pacific issue with their stab-lock breakers. He said they only had issues with their commercial properties. No residential homes had any problems. I was informing a client of the stigma with the boxes and he found this on-line.

Then the CPSC release that I posted was attached.

I then received a call from my client.

I told him that an electrical contractor should evaluate for repairs or replacement all 3 panels in his home.
2 subs mis wired and the FPE main.

I add all relevant information about the Panels in my Reports, if the client does not think their a concern, well they must like to Gamble.

I’m just the messenger, but I would not have one installed in my house.

Dale do you open up Zincsco’s and FPE panels or do you simpy refer them out for upgrade?

I open all Service & Sub Panels Bill…

If the Breakers fall out I put um back—:stuck_out_tongue:

Federal Pacific’s I usually throw the Main before disassembly if someone hasn’t already the carved the dead-front larger.

Zinsco’s not a problem with covers, besides the possibility of electrocution, which is highly possibly with any of these old panels…damn dangerous.

If the shaq is old, and the 60’s-70’s is old for Shaqs around here, I charge more.

So calling it out for replacement… is the right thing to do.

what about warning the sellers…are we to assume that dangerous conditions that
we as HI’s uncover, are relayed to the owners of the property or as some suggest that you let the chips fall as they may.

I never discuss my report with anyone but my client.

I have recommended Replacement of all Federal Pacific Stab-Lok Panels when found…
for over 10 Years
Have yet to find an Electrician willing to Dispute
my Recommendation in Writing…

My Reports will continue to remain the same…

Joe same with Zinsco?

Zinsco, Sylvania, GTE

I find at least one FPE panel per week. I’ll answer questions to anyone who asks, buyer, seller, either agent involved, buyers parents, etc. If they’re involved in the transaction, they deserve an explanation of whatever I find if they don’t understand.

On FPE panels I recommend that they have an electrician check the panel’s performance and integrity, and that my opinion is that the panels are bad. Depending upon who is called, some electricians say the panel is fine, some say they should be replaced. One eletrician called me to tell me he couldn’t understand why I would write up the panel as possibly being problematic. I gave him some info, told him to check for himself. He called back a week later and thanked me for the information. (small town here, no one reads much…:mrgreen::mrgreen:)

So has anyone stood around and watched one of these “electricians” evaluate one of these panels?

What do they do?