Federal Pacific panel defects

Found this on a home inspection. Its a 100 amp Federal pacific panel. Still kinda new at this so I was looking to see if any body had any narratives or a defect that might be present. Defects I’ve noted so far…
double tapping, 20amp breaker has 14/2 copper plumbing above panel, neutral wire not marked with black tape, and yes the joist is over notched in a couple of places. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you sure it is not Federal Pioneer?
This might help!


thanks for clearing that up.

The whole Federal Pioneer -Stab loc is a mixed bag of goods. I have not been able to find a conclusive answer as far as the Canadian use of these panels. I have consulted master electricians …they say they won`t use them…others are told to must use them. I have queried two ESA inspectors they say no biggie as they put their sticker on it. This can really make an inspector look like a dope if he/she calls it out and the ESA inspector says nope good to go!
We need a definitive answer concerning Canadian applications only.

You can still by them .
I am putting in one for my generator I also have a 200 amp .
Canadian FP pannel in my home and I am not gouing to change it .
Some also say Buldog Pushmatic is no good ,I say they are great .

The article does not say there is a problem with the panel Roy! It is the breakers that might be an issue as you can’t determine if they are Fed Pacific or Fed Pioneer even so they are still cautioning on them and that is all we as Inspectors need to know.
Evaluation is needed anyways IMO.

I would like to know who ( they are still cautioning on them ) is.
Please facts only .

If you look at these two breakers they are part of a bunch I have and they all say Federal Pioneer Limited Canada … Roy
I have never seen USA FP breakers in Canada.

Actually they are still sold in TimberMart! and the new ones are fine it is the older ones that got pulled. 15 yrs back I think.
This is found at the same site I posted.

Bunk ,Bunk,Bunk, My home is 25 years old and it is all FP .
I have not seen any Facts on concerns with Canadian FP products .

I remember a few years ago that U-Haul , had a lot of complaints with firestone Tires on Ford explorer .
Even Now you cannot rent a U-Haul trailer if you have a ford explorer .
I just sold my ford 1991 explorer and |I had firestone tires’ never any difficulties .
I think you are like U-haul very very biased .
I see no reason to be against FP Canada


Our industry does not need Rumours facts or say nothing .

Facts are there Roy for all to see! It does not say there is any significant problems with Federal Pioneer however they do point to the recall and problems with keeping breakers in place that is all. I still do not open them for evaluation and asked that you respect that many who are new should weigh everything according to findings.
I would not say that they are safe as I have seen problems with them in my Inspections.

Facts are there Roy for all to see!
Please be so kind as to show us these facts Now .
I would love to see this information you keep referring to.****

Roy read it! I have company so end of discussion.

Thanks for the confirmation someone said you where all wind and no facts .

Unfortunately looks like they where correct .

I have kept hopping they made an error .
You just keep blowing smoke

Roy it is not me that is saying this and that is why I pointed you to the site! I am more than aware what is the issues with FP whether that be Federal Pioneer or Federal Pacific. I know you only read into what you want to read and the documentation is there for all, so to say I am full of “smoke and mirrors” only makes you out to be against the document at Inspectapedia just like Jeffrey P was not against the FP in the US.
If you have documentation of the false statements pointed out by the research they have done please share as I am willing to here the other side.

I asked you to show me the place you get your information from and you gave me the run around.

You did the same thing with Jeffery .

I have no idea where you got it from .

Instead of supplying me with the web site you gave me the run around.

Sorry I asked for facts more then once and you have lost my support as it is obvious you have zero facts and are just confusing the newer Inspector .

My Fifty + years as an Electrician ,your smoke and mirrors does not convince me at all .

You have not shown any evidence .
No Canadian Government Concerns just Kevin’s opinions.

squawking seagull.jpg

Maybe William can fill us in on what he knows about Federal Pioneer and Federal Pacific.
All I am going on is the support of those that have experienced problems with them. I would think like Paul that William can tell us more and again I say this is not my opinion and if the Canadian Government has no concerns show me the documentation.

That may just be the stupidest thing you have ever said and that list is immeasurable.

The government would not put out anything on a product if there are no problems and it operates as designed. Geez, just answer Roy’s question and quit the “read my mind” posts.

W.A.[size=6]C.F.[size=6]M.I. :roll:[/size][/size]

Thanks Steven ,
Kevin treatred Jeffery the same way ,I have given up on Kevin and moved on .
He has zero facts and just goes around in Circles.
It bothers me to see him giving false informatuion that could tend to confuse the new home Inspectors.

I will allow William to carry on with this discussion but I will tell you this there is more than just a handful that have had problems with the Panels including myself. I will not feed your frenzy anymore. InterNachi has said enough about the panels alone. If you care to ignore that than go ahead. InterNachi still stands on the saying that a full evaluation of the panel is needed by a Certified, Qualified, licensed, Master or whatever you want to call it Electrician.

Typical Kevin reply nowhere does he show any places to confirm any of his statements .