Another free website for NACHI members.

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica][size=]Dear NACHI Members,

For a limited time, you as a NACHI member home inspector are entitled to a free custom designed web site for your company. The site may be translated into 12 different languages: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), and Russian.

Free Web Site - - Your site will include the robot meta tag system for page-optimization for search engine indexing including Google, flash introductions, sample inspection reports, password protected inspection reports for your clients, ability for prospects to schedule inspections online, feedback forms, testimonials from your best customers, useful reference materials and links, language translation tools, copy of business licenses and credentials, thorough FAQ for the various services provided, and more. If you currently own a site and are not getting sufficient traffic, your designer may not have used the correct meta tag system in order to be located favorably on the various search engines. Let us fix that for you.
As long as you host the site with us, the site is complimentary. Hosting must be with the Unlimited Pro Plan at $14.95 a month for one year or $12.95 a month for two years. If you opt to host with us beginning with year number 2, your plan cost $3.95 a month for the year. Your hosting will allow you to choose 3 free domains that never have to be renewed. If you currently own a domain or several, you may transfer as many as 16 into your account to be hosted at no additional cost. Your satisfaction is guaranteed in writing with our hosting company, For more details, please go to

Hhhhmmmmm . . .

Seems like NACHI members are being encouraged to dominate the internet . . .

Must be a PlanetNACHI conspiracy.

More than one website, anyone?
:wink: :smiley: