IKCO Furnace?

Anyone have any idea who made this furnace? Data plate was not clearly legible, but the name appeared to be “IKCO”
Mod. LGF105NS00
S/N 0294131287

I would guess it being 1994, but it sure looked older.

I don’t know who IKCO is or who made it, but I would also guess 1994.

Thanks Russel, it is Canadian made, but could see no other brand name on it.
Does the serial no. or model no. look like any other brand name?

I don’t know. One needs a Preston’s Guide to determine that, and mine was never returned by an employee who no longer works here, and I haven’t replaced it yet. Hopefully, Gerry Beaumont will weigh in; I know he has Preston’s.

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I have nothing at all on IKCO but the model number looks alot like an American Standard series from the mid/late 1960’s what age was the home?




manufacture or age of an HEIL® furnace or other HEIL® HVAC unit

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