Another gold wave coming, get back in.

element 79 about to go up!

What is element 79?:):smiley:


Gold Details

Gold Symbol: Au

Gold Atomic Number: 79

Gold Atomic Weight: 196.96655

What is Gold?
Gold is gold colored. It is the most malleable and ductile metal known. There is only one stable isotope of gold, and five radioisotopes of gold, Au-195 being the most stable with a half-life of 186 days. Gold is used as a monetary standard, in jewelry, dentistry, electronics. Au-198 is used in treating cancer and some other medical conditions. Gold has been known to exist as far back as 2600 BC. Gold comes from the Anglo-Saxon word gold. Its symbol, Au, comes from the Latin word aurum, which means gold. Gold is not particularly toxic, however it is known to cause damage to the liver and kidneys in some.

Well now I know why I did not know anything about it Mario, because I was never well off enough to own any. And I never took Chemistry in High School. ha. ha. :);):smiley:

Also not my best subject in High School Marcel

Buy silver on Monday morning. It’s going to $20+.

How sure is this Nick?

As sure as buying stocks Mario:mrgreen:

80% sure.

It sounds that you have some inside info Nick, I will buy 200 ounces on Mon. am. [Based on your suggestion].
It’s funny, the last time I purchased silver it was $4.00/ounce (1987-88 I believe).

Not quite Marcel.

U.S. Dollar is going into the *****ter. And our stupid government keeps using the term “bail out.” Uh, you have to have money to bail something out. The government has no money. It can only take money from good businessmen with well-run, profitable companies and give it to poor businessmen with poorly-run, unprofitable companies… or worse… fire up the printer.

Worth repeating.

BTW, all those who love the cities, please stay there!

Up, up and away

When your right…your right!


And boom…