another good example of why one should NOT trust interior basement system morons

See the dimpled membrane? See the edge of the basement floor, about 18" was busted out/replaced aka ‘new looking’ huh? Below i’ll post the sump pump.
QUESION… kind of important don’t you think???
Did the interior basement system and sump pump AND the contractor/company who installed it, did it STOP the water from where it’s still entering and did the contractor correctly identify where the water is still coming in? 3 videos of same leaky basement

If one doesn’t STOP the water from coming in then you’ll never stop/prevent mold, efflorescence etc.

Yeah yeah sure, maybe the contractor DID tell the homeowner the interior basement system will not stop the water from entering although that is NOT what Mark Anderson has seen repeatedly over 35+ years. Almost all are not honest with ANY homeowner and their leaky basement, nope. (yeah sure who knows, maybe the homeowner installed the crap himself)

BOTTOM line, the problems aka exterior cracks and open joints etc should have been waterproofed and backfilled correctly on the outside. The interior system should not have even been a moronic-thought as a solution, got that?

Idiots. Many of them too.
One more point on this-video for now, yeah… maybe if they’d have covered the entire foundation wall w/the stupid dimpled membrane it might have kept the water that is still coming in, off the floor. Point again is, it doesn’t stop mold etc and some homeowners think their leaky basement was solved if and when these nitwits DO cover most-all of the foundation wall with a dimpled membrane when they don’t see water on the floor as they did before. Fact is they were lied-to, bs’d and often it costs LESS to do exterior waterproofing of the lone leaky area!!

Video 2,
he goes outside, says to “check drainage”. Another myth. Yeah yeah it doesn’t hurt to try and divert some surface water away but you’ll never keep all SUB surface water OFF the stupid foundation wall on longer heavier rains but go ahead and try, many do. POINT is, the actual problems are cracks, open joints etc on the exterior of the wall, NOT the drainage.

Video 3
sump pump… some think the sump pump is part or all of their problem and-or every basement must have a sump pump, pffft, nope, just another myth.

IF this area was the homeowners only leaky area then they could have spent LESS on exterior waterproofing of this area which would have STOPPED the stupid water from where its entering.

Find the problem(s), sometimes it takes a little time and PATIENCE which in todays screwball world can be difficult to find eh, find the problem…fix the problem correctly, end of stupid problem

Not all crooks in this business are interior buttheads (most are), some will try and scam homeowners out of a lot of green with high exterior waterproofing bids like this snot tried to do to this 80+ yr old lady… if you listen closely and put down your crack pipe you should be able to hear her say $11,000

So what’s all the hoopla about?
Just get another great tool in the arsenal of water leak repair!
Phil Swift rulz!

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This homeowner also tried raising and sloping his grade and added VERY long downspout ext’s… did it stop water from entering his basement? Nope.

He got est’s from others including several inside system nitwits that were MORE money than what we charged to hand dig it out/exterior waterproofing, hmm.

Underground tree roots caused multiple exterior cracks in the block foundation walls which then allowed water into the blocks, caused some mold and efflorescence on interior block walls and the water came in ONLY along the very bottom of the wall where it meets the stupid basement floor.

Nothing else would have removed the tree roots off the walls, nothing else would have waterproofed the exterior cracks and nothing else would have stopped the water from getting into/through the blocks. Not an interior system and sump pump, not grading, not long downspout ext’s, not Drylok paint on the inside etc

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