Inside basement system was installed (NOT by us, never!)

Duh umm, did the interior basement system stop the water from entering exterior cracks? No. Does any interior basement system installed by ANY company repair/waterproof exterior cracks and stop that water from entering those cracks? No.
Does any interior basement system and 149 sump pumps stop/prevent mold or efflorescence on interior walls? No.

Here’s one area inside…

Same house, 2 other areas in the basement where an interior system was previously installed

Near the end of video, around 3:10 mark, the exterior cracks at/near the front corner which was why and where the water was entering causing x-aount of mold, efflorescence inside… the usual.

Ya know g dammmit, lololll one reason i get pizzzed is because these are REAL people, people who just wanted to know what their real problems were and the solution to it! Got it?
These homeowners, over 70, just paid an interior system company big $$$ for a bunch of lies!@!@$!!!
And now they have to turn around and HOPE they find someone honest that will truly fix their dang problems… which costs them MOOOOOOORE $$$ !!!

Some morons here, Nachi, and elsewhere obviously just don’t give 1 flying fk about people like this and somehow can’t understand why I biiiiiiiiiiiatch about it, amazing mfrs.

Hey, if we can figure out why and where most homeowners leak and what to do about it then why the FKkkk can’t these supposed honest and experienced INSIDE system azz wipes!

Ok, a little more of that same house…

At 1:18, and go full screen of these videos, the grade/grass is already UP 2 bricks high above the wall.
Hmmmm, should they have raised the grade up to the bottom of the FIRST FLOOR window? Might then, a raised grade somehow magically solve most leaky basements, huh? loooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllloooollllllllll

These guys used to speak at some Nachi chapter meeetings, no, don’t know whether they still do, hmmmm.
Here, they talk about leaky basement walls and if you scroll down a bit, they give you their bit on waterproofing concrete block walls…
Steps to waterproofing concrete block walls
–install a sump pump …
–dig perimeter trench and weep holes…
–install a perimter drainage system…
–cover the block walls with a vapor barrier

Did you watch the videos above or other videos or many photo albums previously posted…huh? loooolll

Let’s see here, John McEwen also says something very different than B Ssystems… … near the end of article, “From the Inept to the out and out Scams”

Only one way, one thought process is correct in stopping water from entering leaky block walls, in stopping/preventing mold, efflorescence on walls

Say it again and will continue to until i friggin die, unknowing homeowners have been and still are getting lied to, misled. Their actual problems and solutions are being misrepresented for self gain.

Holy Crap Mark.
No one has been put behind bars yet?
It still goes on today? :shock:

The homeowners in the link i posted are real, Russ R. Go ahead and contact him if you don’t believe me.
Here was his first post on that site with a ton of info… arbitration, sworn statements etc

See this dog crap people? At least several Nachi home inspectors would rather dkk around instead of try and help, like D Macy and a few others who post photos of dumb azz interior systems.
Could have said something like, wow, I feel bad for those homeowners and what they went through.