just more friggin proof on why NOT to install a moron interior basement system

Mold, efflorescence, paint peeling on the inside of front and side basement walls, hmmm… where might the water, the salts be entering? OUTSIDE azz ho!!!

No interior basement system and 49 sump dork pumps would STOP the water and salts from entering, would not stop/prevent mold etc on inside of basement walls…and neither will raising and sloping the STOOPID grade.

Exterior part 1, front wall (yeah, same house in Grosse Pointe Park)

–Duh umm, see the drain tile, loooollllll, another terd previously did some waterproofing (if that’s what you want to call this rookie shttt), and see where/how they installed the exterior drain tile? hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
–See the efflorescence on the… OUTSIDE? Hello, ding ding ding

Exterior 2, efflorescence outside on bricks that were UN–protected and efflorescence, mold etc on the inside of basement walls

Exterior 3, small roots can grow into/through small cracks or crack/loosen the parging and then you have a leaky basement and–or efflorescence etc on the inside of basement wall.

Hmmm, so does raising and sloping the grade fix/repair/waterproof the exterior wall, cracks, open mortar joints etc? Nope.

Does raising and sloping the grade stop/prevent mold or efflorescence on the inside of a basement wall? Nope.

How about installing a screwball, moronic interior basement system… will that fix/repair any exterior cracks, cracked parging? Will the dumb azz interior system remove any roots off a wall that certainly can cause cracks/damage to a wall? Nope.

Anyone recommending RE—GRADING or installing an interior basement system for leaky basements or basement walls that are like these/have some mold, efflorescence on the inside of the wall… is an incompetent idiot on this subject.

Raise and slope the grade huh? loooollll

Add 99’ long downspout ext’s?

Duh umm, maybe a splashblock? loool

NON experts give homeowners this incompetent, weak azz advice.

Here is a homeowners video of a bit of what happened when they originally hired an INTERIOR basement system company…

She says (writes in caption)… 1:25------ 2:00 “They were gonna cover this up and that’s going to be waterproofing? …They were going to just cover this with that BLACK stuff, membrane, and that was supposed to be adequate waterproofing?”

Yes Maam, according to those incompetent, fraudulent, misrepresentative interior jerks, yep, that’s what they tell people. And until homeowners and others get their azz somewhat educated on this subject the shtt will continue to occur… the inside system azz wipes love that they can pretty easily bullshtt most of the general public and some in the media and some home inspectors etc.