Another great marketing product from Inspector Outlet. $3.00.

looks like a good way to market

Mmmmmmm… Donuts!

3 years ago I would have bought these. But this last year I only had 6 occupied homes. All the others were vacant and the “owners” are either banks or the government.

Buy six. Most sellers move within your market area.


They are cute Nick… Steve, Buy a few ole Buddy…!!

I think you would look great putting them together after your Repo Inspection hoping someone decides the buy the Love Shaq—:lol:

I’ve already market tested them. A box is something that no man, woman or child can resist opening to see what is inside.

All six of the sellers of occupied homes I inspected were moving out of this state.

With the home values having dropped so drastically in this area over the last 2-3 years, nobody is “moving up” due to the disappearance of any equity they may have built up. Now if it was still 2006 or 2007, that would be another story.

It has become such a buyers market up here, the banks who were using the “take it or leave it” as-is condition attitude, are now getting to sit and sit on the properties. The problem is there are so many vacant homes to choose from, the buyers are taking their ever loving sweet time to finally pull the trigger.

Same here Steve.

Not too much action above 200k at all.

Exact opposite here…did a $2,500,000 on Thursday and a $10,000,000 on Friday. Brian smith was doing a ride alomg in the mentoring program. I think he got an education in the inspection industry…Hope he learned some things…

2 inspections a week would not be considered much work by me. :wink:

Way to go Russell. Up her in Sarasota most of the action is also below 200K excluding the barrier islands of course. Get down to North Port and you are well under 100K.