I did home inspections thru realtor refferals and some direct with homeowners in the 90’s in LA area. I moved to flipping homes early 2000’s until the market tanked.

I’m thinking of going back to HI in order to get by.

With this Real Estate market that we have, how many have you done per month and how much do you charge nowadays?

Honest and Serious answers only PLEASE. Thank you.

You came to the right place. :mrgreen::shock::):twisted:

I have a difficult time wrapping my head around the perception that the “housing market has tanked.” What exactly do you mean by that?

This has been my busiest year ever in the inspection business, averaging more than 40 inspections per month.

I won’t discuss prices in this public forum.

In Jefferson City, Missouri the housing market has seen a decrease of about 45% in home sales in the last few months, according to the numbers supplied by the local board of Realtors. When you walk in real estate offices, you hear crickets kirp. There is not a single home inspector doing good here. If it was not for mold, I would be hurting bad. These last couple of months have been horrible. It is so bad that I am going to have to do some advertising to make it through the winter. The beginning part of this year was very good. Damn Economy!

Here in SW Florida, the business is actually ROCKING. I love the short sales and repo houses…these people order EVERYTHING we have to offer…hell today a guy ordered a Septic inspection…HE WAS ON SEWER! DO NOT LOWER YOUR PRICES…offer more for the money. If we have an inspection for something like $1,065.00 We make it like $995…Keeping it under a grand makes them feel like they get a deal… Sometimes we throw in a termite…once again…OFFER more for the money.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX…I made over 13K more this year in September than I did last year in Sept. The comptetition is getting less in numbers and they are FREAKING out and doing stupid stuff to get business. Another thing we do is let them see your slow…IF you are doing nothiung next week and someone calls on tuesday for an inspection on Wednesday…tell them you will call them back…NEVER say yes right way. Wait a few minutes and then tell them you juggeled a few things to get them in…but you can do it…

Reason why…I always tell people…if your guy can get there the next day he can’t be that good. Why is he not booked up? Why do your peers not call him? Make them think YOU are in DEMAND…people want people in demand. If you sound deperate they will treat you as such…Just my opinions…take em or leave em…

‘Housing market has Tanked’ meaning the house flipping business. That’s why I’m rethinking and moving to HI because those days are gone.

I’m also a Realtor who hates solving other peoples’ problems (the reason why I don’t sell homes, I only do it for my personal use). I understand the $350K and below are selling now in Los Angeles area.

Without exaggerating, let me ask again other inspectors and help share your results. How many Inspections do you do now in SOCAL area? No need for pricing if you don’t want to.

BE NICE… :smiley:

That makes sense.

I am “SoCal” area - Santa Clarita - about 50 miles north of Los Angeles (35 miles north of Glendale ;)).

Russel Ray use to be a very active member here. He’s in San Diego and I know he’s very busy. Head over to his blog and send him a message. He’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and give you some great advice.

The house flipping business has not tanked. In fact, it’s very active. I did five houses in one week recently, for what you call a “flipper.”

OK, What kind of “flipper” did you do? Is it the “buy, fix, sell” flipper or is it the “buy, sell” flipper for wholesalers?

I’m looking at the MLS daily. I can’t compete with the pricing of the bank owned REO’s if I remodel these homes.

Thanks kswift, if you can share your experience with this evolving market.

Everyone should read Jeff and Russell’s posts above. The industry is consolidating. Inspectors will be wildly successful or out of biz. The choice is yours.

The “flipper” I’m referring to takes dated houses (1940’s/1950’s) in good neighborhoods, and tastefully remodels them, by removing walls to open up living areas, etc, etc. He always uses quality materials, fine grain, stained wood doors, for instance, and always turns a handsome profit. If anything, his business has grown. Successful people, like Jeff Pope (CalNACHI’s President), work very hard at being successful. Energy that is spent is never wasted.

Doing property condition reports and entry lock changes on repo’s is getting busy. I just received a request to do 6 by next Friday for $100 each. I did a condo inspection in Chicago (Hyde Park) yesterday on a 2000 sf unit that was bought for $105,000. That’s a steal. It was in good condition.

Like James Braun said - Sales are down / way down.

In Kansas City some of our oldest and biggest inspection companies are doing 2-4 home inspections per week / per guy.

In Orange County, CA for the month of September:

Resale Condos up 48% over same period 07’
Resale SFH up 36% over same period 07’

I completed 56 inspections last month. It is not a slow market with regard to volume of transactions… If you want to talk about prices, that’s an entirely different issue.

Of course it all depends on where you live.

Hardest and Easiest Places to Sell a Home

As the dismal U.S. housing market slides further downhill–home prices in July posted a 16.3% annual drop–some sellers are unloading their homes to bargain-hunters.

But in cities like Seattle, Jacksonville, Fla., and St. Louis–the hardest major cities in which to sell a home–even sellers who have substantially lowered their prices aren’t finding it easy to move their houses.

In others, including Philadelphia, Sacramento, Calif., and Las Vegas, plummeting home prices spurred by high foreclosure rates have added more reasonably priced houses and condominiums to the market and sparked a rise in buying and selling.

Wow…impressive…We are a new company and I am trying to build up our clientele but we are not doing as well as I would hope. Any advice?


I am in the central valley area so Tracy, Patterson, Modesto, Stockton …and all of these areas have been hit really hard with forclosures and REO’s.

I went to the Colorado Chapter meeting last night. Jim Krumm did 65 last month with 1 helper. Jimmy Michael did 90 with 2 helpers, 2 out of 5 inspections he does are seller or foreclosure inspections. Denver has more foreclosures than any other city in the U.S. Neither member could squeeze in any more inspections they said. Jimmy Michael who eats lunch with me when he has time had to cancel our lunch date again today as he was overbooked. Jim Krumm and I are doing a presentation to an investors group next month and expect it to generate several hundred inspections for the chapter.