Another home inspection firm looking to hire InterNACHI members in Florida.


Join our team at Hawk’s Eye and let us help fill your schedule.
Hawk’s Eye will refer you 4-Point Inspections, Wind Mitigations and Dwelling Observations.

Use our platform to easily upload jobs to our website; no software required only high speed internet.

Enjoy the flexibility to add our jobs to your route in the most efficient way and manage your own schedule as a Sub-Contractor.

Contact us at to learn more about joining the team.

In your email include your contact information (name, phone, email address) and all areas/counties that you serve or are willing to service. In the initial email, please attach a sample of your reports and a resume. You must be InterNACHI certified.

Where do they work. Soon I know a young man that will be an inspector and need some mentoring and fill in work till he can go full time. Great young man. I am not sure if he took my advice and became a member or not yet. Dominick Quintaro I think is his last name. Not sure on spelling. I watched him grow up and he now has a family. Real hard worker.


Can you have him send his information to me at

Iam in Central Florida. I may also be expanding to South Florida in the near future.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry it took so long for me to see your post again. I took him out last week one day and he did good. Dominick Landi <>

Please tell him I sent you so he does not think it is a scam or something :slight_smile:


I’m going to email him. Sorry it took a while. I hadn’t seen this reply.
Thank you.

You don’t want to expand down here unless you are not paying crap for them because there is hardly enough profit for guys to keep all the profit themselves and make any money.

I am not inferring you are doing that just letting you know their is an insurance inspectors on EVERY STREET :frowning: