Free Inspector site design at

This is Virginia with InterNACHI, and I’d like to offer everyone who wants one a free website at, which includes pre-written verbiage and a “Contact Us” form. Even if you have a website somewhere else, you can have another free website! All I need is your name and the city you’re located in, and about 10 minutes, and I’ll post the link to your new website here.


(Carry over from the other post)
Michael Ivie

Sounds good, Michael, I’ll get that up for you soon!

OK, I’ve got two inspector sites up at

Here’s Michael’s site:

Here’s Bobby’s site:

I’m happy to take any other requests for a free inspector site at!

I’d love one, but should wait a couple months until I’m ready to inspect. Will it be too late then?

Looks great.
Thanks Virginia

Jeffrey R. Jonas
Owatonna, Minnesota


That should be fine! Just send me a message when you are ready.

OK Jeffrey, here is your shiny new website!

Thanks, Virginia!

Please count me in too, Virginia, if you would please! I have some domains to use for the website. I have two websites you can look at to get info.
Thanks Virginia and welcome to iNACHI.
Gary Oleski

Welcome NACHI Virginia i should be getting my licence for HI in a week or so and if your not to busy i could also use a site
Thanks Ron

Count me in too, Virginia

Hey Virginia,
That would be great to have you work on a site for me.
Thank you very much.

Thomas Bloore
Geneva, IL.


Gary Evans
Coconut Creek, FL 33073

Ian Niquette
Fond du Lac WI 54935

Gary,you can add a link to your other sites from your Inspector Site. I added mine at the bottom here

Thanks Linas!


I think I already have a site but you can check and let me know!

Jim Murphy

Charleston, South Carolina 29492

Richard Milewski
Madison Township, PA 18444
My Regular website is: