another interior basement system azz wipe rips off a blind elderly woman

Nice people, good honest experienced contractors huh?

… got $6,000 to ‘start’

then someone brought over the Foundation Doc for this elderly woman, hmmmmm

shtt, the last customer complaints on the Foundation Doc go pretty much like this…
9-24-2015 ‘We have yet to receive a structural engineers report and the city permit final sign-off…poor management and neglect as this foundation repair project has been a mishandled nightmare…’

8-25-2015 ‘They suggested a french drain would resolve our issue…the drain has made the water in the basement worse and the Foundation Doc has not made any attempt to work with us…’

11-14-2013 ‘I hired the Foundation Doc to fix a massive crack in our front wall… they have been out to ‘repair’ the crack repeatedly. Per our original contract, they were supposed to keep the crack from leaking, the crack is still leaking and the wall is moving in…’