Home foundation repair disaster

Don’t know what they did or, possibly should have.
Apparently no licensing etc in Texas for foundation repairs.
Not that licensing these companies would mean most homeowners would be better off as here in MI there is licensing etc on this subject yet many homeowners continue to get scr_wed on supposed foundation repairs and basement waterproofing…got that?

This homeowner says they hired a structural engineer who apparently said 2006 repair was faulty.

Not taking either side here, obviously don’t know enough.

Sometimes foundation repair/waterproofing companies have incompetent and-or fraudulent salespeople or owners who simply show up and talk some chtt and just want to sell a homeowner a job, regardless of what is really needed.

Other times, some companies are pretty good and do competently recommend a repair/solution(s) that…IS all that is needed AT—THAT–TIME and, several years down the road, other things/causes/damage happen which is not the fault of that company, previous repair. They did what was needed at…that time!

Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.

Here in MI, we often see companies who incompetently and-or fraudulently tell homeowners lots of BS just to get a job, yep.
Like this senior lady…see the step crack in BRICKS/mortar joints, front corner?
She almost got scammed out of $9,000 by an interior basement system company who tried bs’ing her, told her the step crack in joints was because her foundation was SETTLING, has cracked-dropped footing and told her she needed piers and an inside system along 2 walls…NONSENSE, fraud!

Just because some homes have step cracks in bricks/mortar joints does not at all mean the home is settling, doesn’t mean they need piers or underpinning etc and CERTAINLY does not mean they need ANY interior drainage system.

Someone previously dug out small area where there’s an exterior crack. They simply did a poor job and so it leaked again, sheesh.

And umm duh, there’s nothing wrong with the footing…zero! Contrary to what the inside system scamball company tried telling her.

Another example of a homeowner who got talked into Wall Anchors when the problems, the causes of the walls bowing in and cracking, leaking etc was mostly due to expanding, contracting clay soil and underground roots.

How, why would ANYONE tell and sell a homeowner wall anchors that don’t do ANYTHING to relieve, reduce exterior weight, exterior soil pressure and roots and, doesn’t stop the water that has always been coming in through exterior cracks in block walls!!!
BECAUSE…they’re either incompetent or fraudulent!!!

Just because some companies here in MI, elsewhere, have a state license and their sales representatives have a state sales turd license does not at all mean the homeowner is in good shape, doesn’t at all mean any homeowner is going to get a competent, fair, honest estimate or job, nonsense!

If ya have any common sense on THIS subject, the photos PROVE that.

Budweiser salutes you, Mr. Nudist Colony Activity Coordinator (Sure there’s danger)

Incredible! This is exactly why I got into this business. Too many folks doing shoddy work with no integrity. Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you’ve found someone over these last couple of years to help you.

I am sorry to hear what happened and your experience with your contractor. Its a shame these days how many contractors are out there to scam people these days. Its difficult because good contractors get a bad name due to situations like this. What a bummer!!

I always recommend people to look at contractors reviews and testimonials. Best of luck.

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