Another InterNACHI book option to give to your clients.

125 to a case, but don’t worry about making my life easier. If you want 3 books, send InterNACHI 3 dollars.

Nick, can this be done easier by using a credit card?


I want to get 40 books, check will be in the mail if it can’t be done anyother way. :slight_smile:

Do you mind? Otherwise I have to charge more, sell by the case only, and charge for shipping.

Thanks Nick… checks in tomorrows mail. :wink:

Yep, mine too!:slight_smile:

Regarding the initial post.

This book is invaluable to both new home buyers and people who have owned several homes in the past, the book is loaded with information.

The pictures and illustrations are top-notch.

Probably one of the best books available, worth 10 times this amount.

Absolutely right Dale.

Every client gets The Handbook without fail. EVERYONE appreciates the book. I have had the same feedback from the EC book also when I have them. Every client gets both books. (First-time homebuyers are my predominate market).

Double the BAM! :wink:

Don’t forget to staple your inspection business cards to the front of them. Or have Jesse make you custom labels.

Better idea… self-adhesive address labels! Won’t ever fall off! :wink:

Looks awesome. Your colors match the book.

At this point we’ve probably confused everyone about what books we are talking about so here is a summary:


As you know, company colors, and the effect it has on the human eye, is one issue many people never really give serious thought to. They usually go with whatever they think is ‘cool’ or ‘bad a s s’. One of the worst offenders of colors is ‘black’! It DOES NOT install confidence or trust. When I see some pic’s of inspectors all decked out in black, I often wonder if the Ninja’s will be arriving soon! :shock:

Just sayin’.

Best advice of the week. I sit near our logo designers and hear them arguing with members, struggling to explain what you just did.

Marcel, I got your check today and ran it through our shredder. Your books are on me. Shipping Friday.

Well, don’t know what to say than Thank You Sir. :):smiley:

Shipped ya a full case Marcel.

Nick, mailed my check last Saturday. You get yet?

Thanks again Nick. :):smiley:

Jeffrey did you ever ge your books? My check was cashed on the 5th of April and nothing yet. No reply, no tracking, no nothing.

You have any luck? Anyone?