Another new guy

Hello everyone.

I am new to this industry…kind of…just joined NACHI and after reading some of the stuff on the site, found out that my web site was apparently not very good…did a lot of stuff wrong per what I read at the NACHI site.

Had a logo of Sherlock Holmes looking at a house with a magnifying glass and some other stuff that I thought was OK…but apparently not.

So I spend the weekend setting up a new web site. Please take a look and see what you think. Any advice of any kind will be appreciated as I am about to be laid off from my day job soon at AT&T.


Chris Dammann

Welcome Chris, glad you joined!

Good Luck

Howdy !!!



Glad to have you. As far as the website. Some of the links don’t work or go to the wrong page. Also it is better to cut and pate page from nachi rather than send them to nachi’s site like your ethics page does. and Keep the same page with the body different as you go from page to page.


EZ Rider Home inpsections

Welcome aboard! You are with the best now. I checked out your site and it looks good. A couple of links don’t seem to respond. Also, and I hesitate to say, you may have too many NACHI logo’s on your front page. I guess maybe spreading them out through all of your site pages may work better. Maybe some of the guys will put up there websites for you. Some of the NACHI brotherhood sites are simply fantastic. Mine of course sucks, but getting better!
Welcome aboard again and look forward to the interaction!

Hey just hit my 100th post.


Thanks for the reply…should be nothing wrong with the links…Maybe I need to make the fonts for the links bigger. I noticed that if I click on a link, that sometimes the one above it below it is where you end up.



Yeah, another guy said that about the links…think I need to make em bigger…cuz I know they all work.



Good for you . Do 50 a day and you’ll be ready to start your own cook book in 8-10 months or so.

Welcome Chris,

First…I would remove the NACHI logo at the bottom left…it is fuzzy and incomplete…

Second…you need permission for the Superior Service Logo…

NACHI Superior Service Seal.

[INDENT]Usage: The NACHI Superior Service Seal requires permission from NACHI.

Notes: The NACHI logo found within the NACHI Superior Service Seal is Trademarked. The seal is designed for use by industry service providers.


Third…remove the “click to verify” at the top right…leave the one at the bottom…

Finally…you MUST read Nicks article…Brutality Online…

Good luck and happy days !!!


Ok…thanks will get rid of it later tonight. Chris

welcome aboard Chris and good luck with the biz!


Welcome Chris!
You’ll find 99.9% of the members here are as helpful as they are professional.
Nice site as well (everyone already gave you some good tips to further improve it.) :wink:

P.S. - Just booked another inspection thanks to :nachi:

Hey now there’s a thought? But I think someone already beat me to it!

welcome and good luck:)

OK quit crackin on my girl!!!:smiley:

If you do not cease and dissist I will rejoin and haunt you all…

May be picky but I would Capitalize the first letters of “national association of certified home inspectors” on your front page. Just doesn’t look right in all small letters.

Welcome and good luck.

I would recommend that on your first or home page you have your address and phone number in a prominent place. Otherwise people don’t know where you are from. or where you inspect.