Ya all wanna check out a member's website that looks pretty good?


It is not the most stylish but in terms of layout and content I think it is pretty good.

I like the Certificates of Completion. I think I may add my certs to my site.

Where is the inspector links page?:smiley:

Nice and clean - it looks good. :slight_smile:

Funny Nick how every single inspector’s page that you have ever commented on as being good has some NACHI banner, seal or logo prominently displayed. :roll:

Naturally. www.nachi.org/websites.htm is only open to NACHI members.

There are some in there that don’t reference NACHI at all but they are no fewer in percentage than NACHI member’s sites as a whole.

I thought the NACHI “Service Seals” were restricted or limited for vendor use. Can any of us add that seal?

Sure. If it helps, use anything you want. No one will squawk… I hope.

Cool, I’ll add a few more “distinctive NACHI logos” to my site.