another piece of junk interior basement system installed

still leaks… it leaks (for the nth time) because there are exterior cracks and other exterior openings that were NOT waterproofed, same old crap, same old incompetence.
2 short videos…

Chumps like this are hardly experts, let alone honest experts.

Don’t get rich by being honest John,;):slight_smile:

Hope your well Marcel, lool.

I’m living proof that there’s no money in being honest and the inside system chumps are living proof there’s a boatload of money being liars and incompetent, indeed sir. Got milk?

Same here my friend.
We’ll have to keep working until we can’t anymore, I guess. :slight_smile:

loolll yes, or get a nice big loan from Mr Duffy… anyone know how the ‘duffer’ is doing these days?