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Too long for ya, too bad. One reason why some don’t LEARN much on THIS subject.

Leaky basemeny windows, home inspector (am sure he’s a good ole boy and may indeed be a good HI, just not on this subject eh)

He says/assumes and recommends on his inspection report to, remove the walkway and either regrade or pour new walkway and put in a window well and that by doing that it will STOP ALL water from entering the basement.

Tad later when he’s inside duh basement he adds the window needs to be addressed…he right about that eh.

Again he recommends to homeowners w/this kind of problem to SPEND MONEY on removing the concrete and either regrading or pouring new/more concrete.

Hmmm, NO chance there may be an exterior crack,cracked/no parging etc on the exterior wall huh?
New concrete walk was poured here, just like he/other’s recommend…

and more concrete UNDER that…

Exterior crack and gaps around/under sill, NO chance this is THE actual problem huh?

So just play with the grade or pour MORE concrete huh? ](,)](,)](*,)

NO chance there may be a GAP like this, the REAL problem…not the grade etc

Window well? Come on. You need to, you SHOULD be recommending,trying to find WHERE the stupid water is getting in…like here

See scraper? That’s is why/where the water got in and ummm #-o#-o#-oinstalling a window well or playing with the grade or pouring more concrete does NOT…ever, find and SEAL the actual problem(s).

Eh, how much $ will it cost to pour more CONCRETE…just like in first photo’s or here…

No chance this is the real problem eh? Ok…its just GOTTA be the GRADE! lololol

Did all that concrete fix the leaky basement? Nope, nope, nope.

You need to IDENTIFY the how/where the water is getting in, hello!!!
Pouring concrete, painting the walls with Drylok, installing an interior system and sump, adding soil is all bullshtt baby! You have NOT found,identified the homeowners REAL problem(s) hence, they haven’t been fixed!

If/when the homeowner problem is just a clog in lateral line then pouring concrete,playing with the grade, painting the dumb walls or installing an inside system and sump doesn’t fix that either!!! ](,)](,)](*,)
If you recommended that shtt and didn’t find/identify the real problem then in part, YOU COST that home quite a bit of cash. So WHY recommend this shtt?!?!?

Year after year, decade after decade i go to peep’s homes and they frigging tell my stinky az they were told/recommended by HI etc a month or 6 months or a year etc to raise/slope the grade, pour new concrete etc and my dumb azz finds the real problem. I’m NOT saying this to make my dumb az look good, NO!!! Jesus k man.

ONE of the reasons why some HI’s etc THINK their grade-recommendation solved some homeowners problem is because the homeowner didn’t call you back, they called my azz or some other BW’g company. Yes indeed, they’ve repeatedly told me they simply want the leak fixed and didn’t want to call you back,didn’t want to make a fuss. They say, look BUBBAMILK, just find,fix the problem, that’s all we want.

Another reason is, a couple or 6 months have gone by…some get the same seepage and some get a little less but know they still have a problem and they think too much time has gone by to make any fuss with the HI,yep, thats what they’ve told my stinky butt,uh huh.
So again, YOU don’t get a call and you again think the grade or longer downspout extensions etc solved their problem…not.
“There are 2 basic things that will PREVENT basement water intrusion in at least 90% of houses…grading and gutters…the number is probably closer to 99%”

Really? Shtt man, 35 years and i’ve seen almost ALL homeowners who’ve called my azz on their leaky basement that already tried raising and sloping the grade or new gutters with longer downspout extensions and/or painting their walls with Drylok etc etc, total incompetent NONSENSE! Is this what you supposedly learn in HI courses, huh? Where does this MYTH come from. lol

How many pictures do ya need that CLEARLY, without ANY doubt show/prove the GRADE was NOT the problem!
NEW driveway poured here, buyer was told it/the slope was the problem. How much ya think that cost? Still leaked!!!

See how high and sloped this grade is…did it ‘prevent’ water from entering basement?

I’ll take these photo’s to court and show Judgie SOMEBODY recommended raising/sloping the grade or pouring new concrete etc and did not identify the actual problems (incompetent) and OBVIOUSLY did not fix them, who ya think wins, got milk?
Jesus, do the right thing for the…homeowner, ya bid terd! STOP recommending incompetent bullshtt.

Thanks bubba, always appreciate your information.

Finding the source can be difficult with finishing, vegetation, personal property and doing a general inspection (non invasive).
Q)Do you usually determine the source with walking, observing the buildings or do you need to be using specialty equipment? (like video cameras for below ground drainage)

I come across a lot of damp, wet basements. Many with infiltration, efflorescence at the footer drains (lower course of masonry).
Many, many times the option is for the inferior basement system.

Many homes have large trees really close to the building and I instruct on the potential for tree root infiltration to the below ground drainage.
Q) How often do you find roots to be culprit of the water intrusion)

Would love to hook up with you one day on a job to see you in action.

Hello Mr Macy, hope your well :wink:

You guys have alot of inside system crooks there, yep.

As you say Dave, FINDING the source sometimes can be difficult and i do understand HI’s non invasive inspection.

That’s one reason why i keep repeating myself/multiple posts on various-points on this subject. Those HI’s who say,claim 90% of all leaky,wet basements are DUE improper grade etc really shouldn’t be saying/recommending much,especially that. The photo’s don’t lie. The homeowners i meet decade after decade aren’t lying either eh.

Trained,experienced set of eyeballs…yes, but sometimes on those who have finished basements i’ll use a hose and do a water-test (no not saying HI’s should do this). Run water(recreate a heavy,long rain w/the hose eh) from ground level down,against the wall and see if water begins to enter onto the basement floor,and when it does its most often right there,right where the bottom of wall and floor meet.

If water enters when doing this test then i have ‘always’ found the problem(s) to be an exterior crack,cracked parging in wall,rod hole(s), gaps etc below grade as ya see in some of the photo’s posted.

If NO water enters and i’ve run alot of water against the stupid wall for about 45 minutes to an hour then,ALMOST always the problem lies ELSEWHERE.

To my dumb azz that means the problem is going to be openings ABOVE grade such as open,cracked mortar joints 'n bricks or openings around basement window or sill or door etc etc…and/or, the problem may be a clog in lateral line or may be on city’s end, and/or, if they have an existing sump pump it could be there is a problem w/the pump OR clog in 1+ of the tiles that go to/from sump pit, may just need to be snaked…and/or, lolololol :mrgreen: a few will simply have some sort of leaky/dripping plumbing fixture etc.

Had a few that have their water line go into the basement FLOOR and IT was leaking,dripping pretty bad but IT was their-problem. Had a couple who just had water dripping off their TOILET (fart oops) onto the floor along the basement wall. Of course you and i are looking for that kind of shtt right away.

Some peeps have a floor drain that was CEMENTED OVER,sometimes under carpet or a big rug eh…it needed to be snaked etc, didn’t need any stupid interior system and sump for any of these but that is EXACTLY what inside system owners/salespeople do, they tell the homeowner this what they need, that it is the only thing that will solve their problem…buslllttt!!! :mrgreen:

Yeah those CHUMPS will tell many HO’s many things to install an inside system. A good lie from them is they tell 'em they have a high water table,shtt they’ll tell em anything to get the job.

Hmm EFFLORESCENCE…when i see efflorescence, especially down low, MOST of the time but NOT always the problem is exterior crack(s) etc. They need exterior waterproofing, NO inside system will stop that water from entering and won’t stop,prevent FURTHER efflorescence.
This guy knows and staes it pretty good…
“…the BEST way to prevent the problem is to prevent water from infiltrating the blocks. Whenever WE see this problem, there is usually a leak somewhere that allows water to ENTER the BLOCK WALL…”

This is EXACTLY what i’ve seen over and over. So again, NO interior system and sump will fix those possible and likely cracks/openings hence it also will NOT stop,prevent efflorescence.

An inside system was installed here but again…lol, it did not fix the actual problems (exterior cracks in walls) and so there is further/more efflorescence,mold,still leaks.
Go through these photos if you like, you’ll see. :wink:

Roots? Hard to put a number/percentage on that right-now but quickly i’d just guess about 33% of the time they have caused EITHER, a crack in wall OR caused the exterior parging to crack etc. Seen em at least in part, help push,bow some walls inward. That quick figure does NOT include those who get roots under bsmt floor or in tiles etc etc.

Wouldn’t mind at all having you/whoever eyeball our digs.
I won’t go to Ohio now, too freaking old and tired eh.
I might go to somewhere like Toledo as i have before just to help a homeowner find their real problem but not to work.
Had a lady in Toledo, block wall…obvious exterior cracks (yep, thats why-where the water was entering), and she already had 3 or 4 LOCAL companies there, lol! Everdry was one i remember but all told her the only thing that would solve her problems,leaks was an interior system!!! Again, either incompetence or lies because the real only thing that would stop water from entering was exterior waterproofing and many homeowners get the EXACT BULLSHTT!

Poured walls here, an inside system previously installed…still leaks etc and cracks are widening…now what? lol!!!
FIRST 5 pictures…
When my azz was called there, the homeowner had at least 1 other company over and they wanted to install ANOTHER inside system!@#%!@#@!@#!!! Complete IDIOTS! Shtt, the reasons the cracks are widening is because the GRADE is TOO HIGH, there is CLAY against the basement walls and there are UNDERGROUND ROOTS against at least 2 walls and, lolol, concrete driveway slabs are settling towards/against the wall. Jesus,, gotta REMOVE the CAUSE's, gotta get the clay,roots,concrete OFF the dumb azz basement wall !@#%!@@#@!@!!!

Need to save this thread as Bubbers posts are great! :slight_smile:

eh one more thing…i DO, i have recommended NACHI inspectors, sheesh! Don’t shoot me down because i ***** n moan about the FACTS on this subject, jesus i HIRED a Nachi inspector, Mr Mike B…he was spot on too.
So just because i point out those HI’s who, imo shouldn’t be telling lies/myths(imporper grade 90%+ cause of all leaky basements!!) because…they HURTING homeowners man!! ](,)](,)](*,)
Goes for G Haege types too!@#$#@!@!!!

thanks Mr Elliott :wink:

What will the inside system chumps recommend for problems like this…
eh, they don’t dig, don’t do exterior waterproofing so ummm duh…

…you should know the bs recommendations (supposed solutions) they’ll likely give such as, ‘Oh we can do an injection here’…which OBVIOUSLY will NOT SOLVE the actual problem OR they’ll say something like,‘We can install an interior system and place a membrane against the wall and direct the water to a sump pump’…which OBVIOUSLY will not solve the real problem! ](,)](,)](*,)

:25…Efflorescence on blocks, mostly down low eh and an interior system with a sump pump was previously installed ](,)](,)](*,)
Q—How much did the the first inside cost?

And NOW, these CHUMPS install ANOTHER inside system when the problems are OUTSIDE!@#$#@!@!@!!! ](,)](,)](*,)

You’ll NEVER get rid of,prevent further efflorescence etc installing this GARBAGE when the homeowners problems are outside.

Where the hlll is the local jurisdiction(s)???
eh, when a building department okay’s(passes their dumb az city inspection) on these installations of interior systems, what the holy hlll are the city inspectors THEMSELVES thinking? If the inspectors are too incompetent to friggin NOTICE (umm,inspect,see) that the real problems and solution is OUTSIDE, like this house in video and most others then they shouldn’t be inspecting any waterproofing jobs!@#@!@#!!

Always hear crrrap from cities/bldg depts like, ‘Oh, we have inspections,permits to protect homeowners etc’.
Well, how the shttt are you people protecting homeowners when YOU allow/pass inspections for interior systems when the problems are outside!@#@!@##@@!!!

Jesus KKKKKKKrrrristams, the homeowner in video already spent $$$ on inside system and sump and now they spent more $$$$ on basically the SAME friggin thing!!! Yeah, we don’t know if there was a city inspection here but there are in ‘some’ cities and when these incompetent inspectors for these cities okays these installations (and apparenlty ok them AGAIN! lol) then my 2 stinky cents says they are at least, in part, at fault, CULPABLE!!!

Just as Mr Macy points out here…

The Space Between,‘the wicked lies we tell’/Dave Matthews

Awesome post and a non member took a ton of time putting it together. Love it and thanks.

John Bubber is great!!

Can we make him a member?? (I would contribute)

I would to see a education event (NACHI TV) and see John in action.

Excellent information provided by Mr. Bubber!!

Thank you John Bubber
your time, experience and generosity to education are greatly appreaciated
I vote yes to being added to NACHI TV.

eh thanks gents :mrgreen:

Basement waterproofing paint, efflorescence

Stone wall, and see the membrane bullsht along bottom of wall…that’s usually from/installed by some inside system company](*,)

This guy WAS pretty much on the money explaining sht UNTIL he brought up they could have applied radon seal etc and THAT would have solved problems.

Why didn’t he explain why that Delta garbage is, and why it doesn’t do squat. Why not explain exterior waterproofing would have solved the stupid leaky basement. How much MONEY has already been spent on painting the dumb walls and the membrane garbage along bottom? :-k

Foundation failure, block wall

See the stains on some of the interior blocks. At least some of that has been there for quite some time, basement has leaked for awhile. Looks like somebody PATCHED/applied cement over 1 or more cracks from the inside.

What IF this homeowner had hired some inside system company and had an interior system and sump installed for somewhere between $7,000 and $15,000…would the inside system and sump helped prevent further cracks (or widening of existing cracks)? Would it have STOPPED water from entering through exterior cracks?

And would an inside system and sump pump relieved ANY lateral soil pressure against the wall? Nope! #-o
If you scroll down a tad to, Basement Wall Damage
RESOLUTION…to prevent FUTURE damage, the clay MUST be REMOVED and replaced with sandy,gravelly soil…and waterproofed (outside), NOT an interior water-diverting system.

Realtor…how to avoid water in your basement

He says, thinks the LEAVES over the drain is/was the problem…the homeowner called a week later and said no more problems huh, lol
And apparently this is NOT her house but similar…he says.

Ok well, he’s wrong.
SOMEWHERE there is 1 or more exterior openings and THAT is what needs to be found, correctly identified and then sealed.

Let’s say this was her house…a week goes by and she calls and says no more water.
Well come on! #-o
IF, her problem was 1 or more openings around a sill or door then its quite possible any rain in that 1 week that went by did NOT hit,soak the door or ledge etc hence, she wouldn’t have got water in…sheesh.

IF, her problem was a crack etc BELOW grade/under that concrete then maybe it didn’t rain long,hard enough and so she wouldn’t leak.

I’d have run a WATER TEST wiff a hose, first running it against the basement wall under that door area. Since there’s concrete there, it MIGHT take a little longer to leak IF there’s a crack in wall OR gap/crevice under that ledge.

If it leaks then there IS a problem below grade,below the concrete etc in that area. Whether it leaked or not i’d continue and running water but then run the water up against,along the door,threshold etc and see if she leaks.

But to say,claim the leaves over the drain is,was THE PROBLEM is total nonsense,incompetence.

Home inspector here, paneling and JUNK on basement wall and an inside system installed.
The inspector says this is ‘commonly called B Dry, basement dewatering etc and says its a way to INEXPENSIVELY on the inside get rid of the water…’

All due respect to ya mister but to say this or most other homeowners that any interior system is a more economical way, an inexpensive way VERSUS exterior waterproofing is nonsense!

There may only be 1 crack in that wall, may be the only problem and so exterior waterproofing would have cost LESS versus the crap that has been installed.

It’s also possible that the basement WINDOW was/is the only problem (openings around-under the window) hence, replacing the window would cost…LESS, hello!

Another scumbag inside system company tried bs’d this homeowner

…she says $7,000 for the interior system, they were placing the dumb az black dimpled membrane on the INSIDE walls ](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)

This happens ALL THE TIME baby! Every day, every city these inside system terds tell homeowners all kinds of crap in order to get the jobs.

They LOVE it when HOMEOWNERS are in a hurry, panicking! They love it when YOU have a finished basement and your carpet,drywall etc is going-to shtt,all wet,moldy etc or are in a rush to sell your house etc.

That’s YOUR fault,sorry but it is. Too many open the dumb az Yellow pages and call xyz inside system dorks or you saw some scumball inside system cheat ad on tv or heard em on radio and want them over NOW!
They oblige and tell you 1 or more of many incompetent or fraudulent things/supposed reasons as to why your basement leaks and what ta do (of course , install the dumb az inside system as in video)

This basement, like MANY…would NOT have been ‘waterproofed’, even if a city inspector okayed the stupid inspection/permit.
When that happens, the CITY is on the hook as well, g damn right! #-o

For the NTH time, most basements leak/seep due to 1 or more of the following…
an exterior crack(s), cracked deteriorated parging,rod hole(s), 1 or more exterior openings/gaps ALONG or ABOVE ground-level (see prior photos posted eh), a possible blockage in lateral line, possible problem w/existing sump and a few other possibilities ALL of which NO interior system SOLVES/WATERPROOFS! ](,)](,)](*,)

Eh, those radio shows hosts are…getting PAID by the companies, HELLO!!!

Inside system installed here too…homeowner continued to leak.

Here’s the rest of this jobs photos, click each individual pic if ya like

Also, SOMEBODY dug the exterior at some point in the past eh.
They only used tar and backfilled with same soil/clay, a BIG mistake.
That is why some will say, Oh exterior waterproofing doesn’t last etc,nonsense!

You have to use HYDRAULIC CEMENT, THICK mastic and backfill w/all gravel ya butt-cracks! :-k

Gee, just what some wanted. more pic’s :mrgreen:
MONITOR a crack :-k…this one may blow a couple farts away

Ok so some wanna monitor a crack and, some will tell/recommend an inside system company who does injections for poured wall cracks…ok,have at this one (got milk?)

I know what most,likely all would have recommended here,
Zoom in if ya like eh…what ya see?
Well, it ‘looks like’ there are some leaky rod holes and a diagonal crack…
And at least most would have recommended that crack be injected from inside…cost,depending on who ya call, between $400–$700,plus add for rod ho’s.
Pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the sump pump discharge pipester!!!

Here’s a tad more close up

Here’s top of wall

Got the inside right? :mrgreen:

Outside, ever so faintly ya might be able ta see that little shtt diagonal,just left–above where ya see screwdriver in rodster-ho

What ya see here…next 2 photo’s…
the top
the bottom,crack…it’s where you see the vertical SEAM inside.
Other than the rod holes, the lower part of this crack/seam is where alot of the water was entering.

We see a seam inside…most would say/think…no crack.

So you can MONITOR the diagonal all ya like and can have it injected too but THAT won’t fix/repair all of the actual problems in this immediate area eh. If you hire/recommend someone to inject the diagonal, they would have continued to leak! :wink:

Shtt, i think this job was $1,100, been awhile. VERSUS an injection at a cost of, lets say $550 plus they would have charged $50 or more per rod hole and, still would have LEAKED…STILL would have needed to DIG!!!

And sometimes there are other problems,possible future leaks that exterior waterproofing will fix, if they’re any good that is…

LZ, Babe…Bubbamilk is gonna leave you ( milk ran out!!!)

KC and the Milkman Band, Give it up

John M is one of the very few experts on this subject, he’s up in Canada eh…
Near bottom of article,
…What ISN’T a waterproof membrane
“These products or methods are not intended to STOP water and they don’t. If a contractor were to state,suggest,imply…that this is waterproofing they would certainly be guilty of fundamental misrepresentation at best. At worst they would be guilty of FRAUD and unfortunately I witness a lot of that”

–From the Inept to the out and out SCAMS
…“And then there exists an entire cadre of out and out FRAUD ARTISTS who will simply sell you an open trench in the basement with holes drilled into the walls. If you see the words “water control”, “no messy outside digging” or “sub drain system” pay attention. If your building department has abrogated its responsibility, this is what CON MEN are allowed to do to your home”…

Yes indeedy.

And again, just as Nachi’s own Mr Macy pointed out and was RIGHT ON about…

…The homeowner was ripped off with an inferior system (he’s too nice lol),and exterior excavation is needed to properly waterproof the home…local building inspector is inept…

Yes indeedy.

Hmm, called to inspect basement wall and leaky basement…inside basement,
Water entered onto basement floor at-along (Where! lol) bottom of basement wall and floor meet. Hmmm, some efflorescence on 1 wall(front), 1 vertical crack patched on inside…

…and corner,

The grade along the front was already raised and sloped away…waaay too high too.

Hmmm, so there’s at least 1 vertical crack in midle of wall and likely a corner crack and maybe a horizontal crack…run water test at corner to see if water comes in, to CONFIRM exterior corner crack…it does.(could obviously also dig down a little,brush the top of wall to confirm a vertical or corner crack or gap between brick/joints/top of wall)

The ONLY recommendation a homeowner with anything like this should get and then have done is, exterior waterproofing! NO interior system etc will stop water from where its first entering and won’t stop,prevent further efflorescence,mold etc.

But most homeowners DON’T get that, they don’t get the expertise,the facts,the TRUTH!
They get bs’d by hundreds and hundreds of inside system companies and some HI’s and some SE’s and some landscapers etc etc etc.

Horizontal and corner crack…

If someone would have recommended to seller/buyer to…raise grade again (lol) or get a longer downspout extension or paint/Drylok inside wall,pour concrete etc etc, then they ARE incompetent on this matter and should be held at least in part,culpable.

Hlll yes, if they don’t know, if they don’t have the expertise on this subject to…duh, point out what i just did lolol!@!@# and they recommend bullshtt supposed solution(s) then they ARE culpable! If your not an expert on this subject then all im saying is maybe umm, keep ye old trap shut!!! Quit recommending dogshtt as supposed solutions. Jesus, some don’t even get the fact, there are likely exterior crack(s) in wall, just like in pics posted. Those cracks are umm, EXISTING DEFECTS, shtt yes they are. And its because of those cracks the BASEMET LEAKS!!!@##@#@!@! loll omfg

Here’s part of the stupid grade, was raised 2-5 bricks HIGH along front/corner…eh shtt man, raise to to the roof if ya like!@#@!@!
Raising the grade like this can/could CAUSE…more damage/cracks to the stupid wall!

Yogi Bear

B Dry system previously installed… ](,)](,)](*,)

B Dry…

This stupid incompetent sht happens all the time ](*,)
One inside system company doesn’t find/identify problems correctly and/or honestly and then another inside system knothead comes along and says the first system wasn’t installed correctly and we need to install ours,its a bunch of stinky az incompetent bullllllsht.

NEITHER will fix/repair/solve the homeowners actual problems! sheesh

Eh Basement 911 terd, YOU peeps have many complaints yourselves,dumbazz! #-o#-o#-o

And often with the help of the BBB many complaints are NOT taken, they overlook the homeowners complaints etc, damn right they do.

Back to B dorks, where the hll are ya’s? lol I know you terds tell homeowners all kinds of crrrrrrrap to wiggle your incompetent azz out/away from homeowners complaints, have seen it over and over.
Where is your Lifetime guarantee az ho’s! Yeah, some of us know exactly what that SHTT is all about.

Try diagnosing/identifying the homeowners problems correctly and honestly for a CHANGE! And then fix them correctly, jesus kristmas.

But you don’t, you won’t…both of these TERDS install interor systems, yep and both say/claim etc its all EVERY homeowners supposed solution. Well, your full of it, your a fkg liar…peiod. :mrgreen:

Here’s 911 again, eyeball the wall, listen to the dumbazz again
‘Inspection of Basement Water Problem’ (pfftt)

…“Needs a PRESSURE RELIEF System”…!!! lolol

Absolute incompetence or simply fraud…self gain.

The g dang problems are on the OUT…side mfr!!!
The ONLY solution to ‘stop’ the water from where the hll its actually entering is outside. Thats if you want to stop the water,mold,efflorescence,deteriorating bricks,joints etc.

And then…‘Ask the Inspector…Foundation problems’ ](*,)
won’t get into all of it…
He says he discussed cracks etc with a SUPPOSED foundation SPECIALIST, yeah shtt sure, ok.

…if problems are too severe install drain tile and sump pump and bowed walls need to be reinforced etc.
Where the fk if there any mention of exterior waterproofing.

Hmm, so you got answers from an INSIDE system TERD, that figures.

Stupid,incompetent,self serving bulsht.

These basements were not ‘waterproofed’…water is and will continue to come in because…lol, these CHUMPS are either too incompetent or fraudulent to diagnose/idenify and then fix homeowners real problems/defects.
You won’t stop-prevent further MOLD either ya chump.

And some HI’s or ORG’s, MEDIA ask THESE mfrs for honest ANSWERS?!@#@??? lolol

April Fool DUMBAZZ

Here you go, interior system previously installed with 3 sump pumps. ](*,)
How much did THAT cost! Come on people.

Step cracks, horizontal crack, bowed wall, still leaks…mold etc.

As usual, somebody spent at least $8,000–$10,000 on an inside system and sump pumps (likely more than that), that did not repair/waterproof the actual problems and very likely prevent future problems.

That money should have been spent on exterior waterproofing which would have STOPPED the water from where it’s actually coming in.

Those cracks (and others you won’t see on the inside walls!!!) have BEEN there quite some time so please, don’t tell me they just occurred.

Often hear alot of GARBAGE like, ‘Oh exterior waterproofing is too expensive’ or ‘Oh you’d have to remove a deck, concrete etc’.
Can’t tell if basement leaks all the way around…just because an interior system was installed along 3 or 4 walls never means it was NEEDED as these terds often talk many people into more footage than necessary.

But let’s say 2 walls needed to be done…say the total linear footage was 70’. Well, to do exterior waterproofing here (at this depth etc) would cost close to $7,500.

$7,500 versus…at the very least $8,000 for that inside system bullsht, especially with 3 sump pumps.
Still think exterior waterproofing is too costly most or all of the time? :-k

Hmm, your going to use supposed COST claims and install an interior system and sumps and RISK more cracks in walls, possible bowed wall,mold etc and…lolol, its still going to leak…bowed walls have EXTERIOR CRACKS,helllllllllo! ](,)](,)

What is funny to my stink azz is, this guy basement 911 is an, INSIDE system company!
loLllll!!! Now what…install ANOTHER interior system just like in previous video? LOLOL!!!
As i’ve redundantly stated and KNOW, pure i n c o m p e t e n c e!
Love how Basement Systems and most of these interior co’s say they give their salespeople etc extensive training, the best training etc…its simply a BUNCH of bullshtt man! You want some real training, you call Bubbamilk but i’m guessing most couldn’t handle it and, lol, will just continue this CHARADE.