Leaky basements

Let’s see umm, water was ONLY seen in the basement here, along the floor–wall joint

The water FIRST got into the block wall HERE, through cracked exterior parging (there were multiple exterior cracks)

Here’s what the driveway slabs looked like, ummm they were pitched away, they were mudjacked… that cost $$$ and didn’t solve a damn thing

Here’s the exterior drain tiles

Why did the basement leak/seep along the cove, the floor-wall joint?
Duh umm, because there were exterior cracks and other openings that allowed water to get into the block wall.

If there were NO exterior cracks/openings then, as usual, the basement would not have leaked, regardless of the pitch of the driveways slabs, regardless of the condition of the exterior drain tiles.

NEXT leaky basement… here’s 2 photos of what the inside of basement looked like, where it leaked ONLY along the floor–wall joint and efflorescence/stains on some blocks

Inside basement

The water got into the block wall through these exterior cracks/openings

Through gaps etc like this
Had there NOT been any exterior cracks, gaps etc then this basement would not have leaked, regardless of the grade or if the downspout ext’s were only 3’ long, nope, sorry.

NEXT leaky basement
Water was ONLY seen at the very bottom of the basement wall/floor, the cover, the floor-wall joint, NOT the marijuana joint no. Plus, you can see some discolorment/stains on wall. This is the back–corner. Do you see any vertical-corner-crack on the inside block wall? Nope.

Next 2 photos are of the exterior back-corner, see the crack?

Another shot of the exterior crack in basement wall which was 1 of many exterior cracks which…ummm, was where and WHY the water got into the basement!

Here’s another crack, a horizontal crack which was also NOT visible if you were INSPECTING the house/wall inside the basement… that’s right, you would NOT see these crack, or exterior holes.
So just because a home inspector or city inspector or some fart-brain interior basement system dodo bird does NOT see any cracks in walls on the inside, NEVER means there aren’t 1++ exterior cracks in a basement wall.

Here’s a HOLE that was BELOW grade, in the chimney…so, how would raising and sloping the grade repair/waterproof this or any of the existing defects in all these photos? It wouldn’t, never does. Neither does extending downspout ext’s 8 miles long. Neither does mudjacking driveway slabs etc.

Don’t try and tell my azz that a home inspector fully and competently inspected a basement, a foundation, the walls, water intrusion, when most (not all), don’t. Fact is, most don’t know wtf to look for, what to really inspect etc, nope.

All most want to do, recommend is… raise the grade or extend downspouts 2 miles away or mudjack some slabs etc, that’s all bullshtt man, it’s all incompetent shtt, sorry but that’s the truth.

And I see some HI’s have said they’ve gone to court as an expert witness and prevailed (on this subject)… well, truth is, if you yapped in court about the same type of incompetent bulsshtt, you got lucky, 5 times or 5,000 times. Truth is, the OTHER SIDE didn’t have someone like my azz or John McEwen or a few others to show the judge the your wrong.

It’s interesting that all of the pictures are of cinder block walls. The outside views look like the Chicago area. I have had homes with block walls. And they all leaked. I have hand dug around the house as seen in these pictures. Whew! What a job. But that was in my early days. The clay drain tiles were all filled with sediment and blocked. The farther away from the sump pit. So then the water table raises, and penetrates the block causing the painted surfaces on the inside to bubble.

How you doin’ Mr. Rosinski.

We’ve pretty much done/waterproofed as many poured wall cracks/leaks as block walls. They all came down (leaked) because of the same type of cracks or other openings etc.

The efflorescence or mold, wall discolorment we’ve seen has always been due to water, salts, entering through a crack or other exterior opening. No, not saying I haven’t seen a few basement walls that had some efflorescence due to ‘other’ reasons/causes, but most of the efflorescence or mold or paint peeling on a wall was soley because there was 1 or more cracks and-or other openings in or above the foundation wall, 38 years.

Example, 2 short video, same house… first one we are inside the basement in the area that leaked… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ed0bzTBTR4
Go FULL SCREEN on this or any video… you should be able to see some mold and wall discoloration on some blocks inside the basement. It was ALL due-to, what you’ll see in the next video (exterior wall cracks and other exterior openings that NO interior basement system repairs/waterproofs)

Outside, showing the exterior cracks and other openings where water entered into the blocks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--zZ3LOTqCE

I’ve seen the exact same things live and in-person in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois (leaky basements, mold-efflorescence on inside etc). Have seen many other leaky basements etc in many other states and Canada from homeowners videos or photos they sent my old azz.

Next 2 short videos is a smidgeon-of what kills my azz, a Seattle home inspector talsk about wet basement solutions…

:30 he says… “WE’RE gonna put in a perimeter drain…on the inside and that will SOLVE our problem”

No, it will not ‘stop’ the water from where it’s actually entering hence, will not stop-prevent the possibility of mold, efflorescence on basement walls.

And, he said… “WE’RE” going to install the inside permiter basement system… hmmmm.
Well sir, are you a home inspector or, a home/property inspector that also installs interior systems? geeez
A big FAT… CONFLICT of interest don’t ya’s TINK???

Have a butt buddy that does interior basement systems and you get kickbacks when homeowners call/hire them, is that it?

Next video, same home inspector…

:50 he claims, “This is a perfect solution for a wet basement”… really? Says who, him?
Hey, is this HI an expert of this subject? Just asking a simple question.
A perfect solution my stinky, hairy azz! (yeah sowy, bad visual)

Why is this supposed home inspector making false, incompetent, negligent claims?
Substantiate your claims man! Morons say pretty much anything they want, fc that, not on this shtty subject, prove your claims Mr home inspector.

Look at all my videos posted and other homeowner video I’ve posted and all the friggin photo albums posted and, Mr Dave Macy and some others have posted the same type video of these crooked, lying, false claim morons

Seattle eh, Washington State inspector law
Ethics-- in part,
-perform services and express opinions based on genuine conviction AND only within the inspectors area of education, training or expertise
-not provide services that constitute the unauthorized practice of any profession that requires a special license when the inspector does not hold that license
-not advertise PREVIOUS experience in an associated trade as experience in the home inspection profession. An inspectors advertised inspection experience will reflect ONLY the inspectors experience as a home inspector and inspectors shall not advertise, market or promote their home inspection services or qualifications in a fraudulent, false, deceptive or misleading manner.
(Hmmm, some i know hate this… many HI’s do indeed advertise, claim etc that they USED TA be a builder or the Professor on Gilligans’ island etc etc… and yeah yeah, this is Wash St)

PERFECT solution for wet basements huh? Geeezuz kristmas, how many shall i post?
Interior perimeter system and sump installed here, it cost the homeowners thousnads and they continued to leak!

Interior perimeter system and several sump pumps installed here costing $$$ and then, the basement wall bows in, more cracks etc… should have and could have waterproofed the outside which would have been the only means of a) stopping the water from entering the existing cracks, BEFORE the wall bowed in
b) had the outside been waterproofed and backfilled with most–all gravel then, THAT would have reduced, lessened the weight, the lateral soil pressure against the wall which caused the wall to bow in.
Yeah, who knows, maybe they were some underground tree roots along/against the wall as well, bottom line is, it’s just another house, basement, homeowner who got bulshttt’d by an interior system company costing the homeowner $$$$$.

Interior basement system installed here too, cost the homeowner $15,000… still leaking, MORE efflorescence and mold and cracks get bigger, wonder-----fkg—full, yeah a PERFECT SOLUTION for wet basements, what a crock of shttt. Click any photo to enlarge that photo so yer eyeballs can see the SHTTTTTTTT

Nachi code of ethics for home inspectors…in part
-members shall be fair, honest and impartial and act in good faith in dealing with the public ( Bubb’s will assume that includes my azz, my posts, yet there are some who continue to write shtt about my azz or posts, blo me)
-member shall not have any disclosed or undisclosed conflict of interest with the client
-member shall not perform or offer to perform, for an additional fee, ANY repairs or associated services…

Yet, my ugly azz see’s shtt like, members telling and recommending certain interior basement systems or interior waterproofing products to unknowing homeowners/clients, for $$$… and they’re still members, hmmmm.

Have posted Nachi itself recommending a certain interior basement company or two and recommends their products!!!$%%^&_&^ Wttttfffff, maybe… FOLLA yer supposed code of ethics, jesssssus
“Dry basement guys”

“Featured speaker at Nachi event owner of Peak Basement Systems”, lool yeah ok.

Quality 1st basement systems at Nachi event

Hmmm, sure seems to my old dumb azz that Nachi promotes Basement systems, ya TINK?
Eh, how come Nachi has never had John McEwen or Intergrity Wpf’g or Capizzo etc etc be a featured speaker at Nachi meetings? loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Basement Systems USA willing to speakieeee on water-divertiieeee at Nachi chapter meetings

Seems it’s always 1 of duh interior Basement Systems companies who is asked and allowed to speak at Nachi meetings… duh, am I right? Don’t like Uncle Bubb’s bringing this up? Huh?
Q, are we exchanging money or favors or referrals here, at the meetings… huh?
Why promote one side of basement waterproofing, errr water–diverting?
Is that fair, honest, impartial? huh? Those are Nachi own words!

Hmmm, you tell me if these homeowner complaints on Basement Systems (the few who took duh time) are all bogus

Basement systems USA, eh, on their website… misleading, misrepresentative claims, omit material facts,fc n a!
One FER now, they claim that on exterior waterproofing/excavation,
'a backhoe is brought in to dig out the ENTIRE perimeter, new drain tiles are installed and SOMETIMES a waterproof coating is applied to the walls. This waterproofing strategy is expensive…

Realllllly? That’s it, that’s the truth huh, that’s the entire exterior story eh? Slant your website claims to interior water–diverting and OMIT a boatload of FACTS!#@@!!@@##^%^&**((_&(&^)

This is who Nachi wants, asks, to speak at chapter meetings???
Shtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, in my g dang honest and exxxperinced opinion, this is a bunch of pretentious and bogus misleading crap, the usual for this stinking azz subject.

GIll----I-----gan’s Island, duh Professor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwzY2UXPQHI