This month's REALTOR Magazine runs InterNACHI's Buy Your Home Back Guarantee ad.

It hit 1.1 million real estate agents.

Congrats on that. Would be nice to have something similar in Canada.

Also, visit the InterNACHI booth at the National Association of REALTORs annual convention this year in San Diego:


Realtors like the piece of mind, I use this as a great marketing tool:D

Sorry to hear about this Nick, I was hoping this campaign was going to be about branding NACHI inspectors, ALL NACHI inspectors, not an advertisement for a program that many NACHI Inspectors don’t participate in and that is a revenue source for you.

I was also a little disappointed. :frowning:

I actually liked the ad. It sends a message that gets attention, rather than boring them to death with how great the organization is, it describes a program that grabs their attention.

It actually pushes those that decide to pay out money to this above actual experienced Inspectors who have no need for hyperbole to generate income.

There has never been a single payout so it is not a real program .

Same with CMI.
The old promise of all being equal and nothing like the old ASHI is a mirage.

Cycle of life I guess.

History repeats.

Don’t worry Nick, some of us realize that this ad is not about you lining your pockets with the Buy Back program. I’m sure most rightfully realize that your intention was to grab Realtors attention by explaining one of the InterNACHI programs. If you read the ad, the first few lines talk about the knowledge and education of InterNACHI members. Remember, this is an ad among other ads which may be glossed over. The purpose of an ad is to get attention, thus, get read. I think Nick has accomplished this goal.

Pull your nose out before you suffocate.

You are so clever. Your intellect is astounding.

That’s what I like about this forum. You can even question the integrity and motives of the founder, and not get censured. Try that on another forum and you’ll never see your post.
Go ahead, screenshot that and forward it. (not directed at Linas)

That is true, Frank. I know what you are talking about. There is another forum where the moderator definitely edits posts or deletes posts which are perceived to be uncomplimentary or challenging to their leadership.

It’s obvious.

I must agree with some of the above comments/reviews.

This add, as demonstrated with the last line and link, only promotes a select group of INachi members (& find participating InteNACHI-certified inspectors). IMO it does not promote INach as a whole.

In fact the very first line “Refer The Best” is extremely similar to a former vendors campaign regarding appliance recall check. This vendor supposedly had a nationwide marketing campaign directed at Realtors claiming only the Best inspectors offer Recall Check. So only the “Best” inspectors offer “We’ll Buy Your Home Back”.

How ironic!

So who is in charge of Auditing the so called **5 a day **( ) inspectors to insure they are sending in their $900.oo every month for their participation fees??? If they are going to benefit from this special advertising, I think random Audits should be performed to insure compliance!

LOL OMG you guys will complain about anything. Who cares?!

If anyone is relying on InterNACHI’s marketing to get business, or feels it will hurt their business, you aren’t running your business correctly.

Watch out! Here comes the FIVE member strong Fidelity Pledge Club.:smiley: