Another "We'll Buy Your Home Back" property. Anyone want it? Good deal.

Comps in that area are 65K…sad but true.

All that, for free? Did your company do away with the $499 membership fee? I know a Florida specific Association that only charges $250 membership. Seems to me like you are a bit over-priced. And, not all of the services you list are “free”.

I agree with Nick. Its better to be covered than not. But also, when you give some of these remoresfull buyers a way out , they will take the path of least resistance which in this case was the buy back program.

That is Extremely hard to believe, in fact almost impossible.

Not in that complex. They are selling around $90K, at least the past few.

Post their membership benefit page. If their dues are 1/2 ours, they should have at least 1/2 as many membership benefits as InterNACHI:

I would know about any association from anywhere that has anything close to 1% of InterNACHI’s value, so I’d be surprised if you really post an association’s membership page that provides 1/2 of what InterNACHI is.

65K…you’ll be lucky to get 70k. But what do I know, I have only lived here my whole life.

Membership in FABI “was” to all members an advancement in the profession. One of their Presidents wrote your standards…guess they were good enough then…huh? Attending one of their conferences meant you would be rubbing elbows and getting knowledge form the best inspectors in the country…and the world. Can’t say that about your Association…they avoid it like the plague.

The blind following the blind…smoke and mirrors…

FABI is awesome: . Arguably one of the best state associations in the country.

But no, even FABI doesn’t have anywhere close to 1/2 the membership benefits InterNACHI has. And we have 42 employees producing more value for InterNACHI members every day.

Fear not. I’m working to make FABI great again.

I have no fear…not a member. I gotta hand it to you though…kinda. It’s not like you really had to fight the main characters on this one, you just waited till they either retired or moved on before you pounced. Easy kill in my opinion, not even a challenge.

Calculated and methodical…to the blindly ignorant. Sending in your minions to stir up the crap, then sitting back and watching the sparks fly.

Welcome to my state Nick, and I do mean “my state” as I’m a native.

Thanks Robert… I think.

FABi was never meant to be for all inspectors. It was meant for the best of the best, and most all of them have left the association. Their goal was to train inspectors to inspect above the minimums, something INACHI’s legal council refuted at one of the conferences. He said the minimum standard should be the maximum.

As for you saying FABI is awesome, that contradicts many, many past posts you have made. You called them a diploma mill at one point. Many times you have said you did not know who they were, yet you have mention of them in posts going back to 2003.

FABI will never be great again. They will just assimilate into INACHI and become another marketing arm for you. FYI - you need to inform you Florida members that they should not say the inspect to INACHI standards, as they do not meet our state standards.

…you’re welcome Fred.

The only ones selling for that $90,000 are over 1200 square feet. The complex ranges from $50,000 to about $79,000 in that area. Like Robert, I have lived here for 30 years. Good luck getting your price. It will be a tough sell.

I’ve never called FABI anything in the past because honestly, I never went to their website and knew nothing of them until recently. I think FABI is a great state association and I’m pleased InterNACHI partnered with them.

I have said many times that ASHI is a diploma mill (maybe that’s what you are remembering) because it is a diploma mill. First, you can join online with nothing but a credit card. Pay and Shazam! You’re a member. Their highest “Certified” membership isn’t much better. I think they call it their “ACI” professional designation. It is based on passing one, lone “minimum standard” NHIE exam used by many states to license newbies fresh out of school. Unconscionable. Textbook diploma mill. I advise all consumers to look for the ASHI logo and if your home inspector has it, cancel the inspection and find a different home inspector. The ASHI logo is the inspection industry’s symbol of shame.

Maybe we’ll give it away to the inspector who registers the most homes in InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee program.

How about from 2006?

Cant paste the picture but in 2010 you wrote in a thread: Legislation: without an association there would be no way we could resist the fake GC-Controlled inspector associations (FABI and the mini-minneapolis association) from giving our entire profession over to the GCs in Florida. There is strength in numbers.

That post was 7 years ago. Thought you knew nothing about FABI until recently

And in 2006 you wrote: I cant pick on Joe B’s and Greg B’s state of Florida anymore, a state where diploma mills like ASHI, FABI, and NAHI and even the state itself has no entrance requirements whatsoever in our profession. Picking on Florida is too easy.

This post was 11 years ago. And just so you know, FABI always had a test you had to pass in order to become an RPI. I know because I failed it the first time.

always good to get a good laugh reading some replys

That’s a post from 11 years ago when they didn’t have entrance requirements. That all changed a long time ago. They have 4 or 5 membership levels now and they partnered with the world’s largest inspection association: . I’d go as far as saying that they are probably the second best state association in existence. TPREI in Texas is the best, but FABI is a close second.

lol didn’t even look at the date lol