Another "We'll Buy Your Home Back" property. Anyone want it? Good deal.

We just cut the price by another $4,000.00.,-Sunrise,-FL-33322_rb/

Estimated mortgage: $350/month.

Gorgeous renovations, excellent location, beautiful views. Luxury 2 bedroom condo features soft close kitchen cabinets, high end stainless steel appliances, a clawfoot bathtub and the balcony has been incorporated into the air conditioned space. This 55+ comunity has income and credit requirements, but offers free golf, shows, dances, billliards, gym, tennis, 4 wall racquetball and so much more! Live 20 minutes from the beach in a great and secure community.

We cut the price again drastically:,-Sunrise,-FL-33322_rb/

Part of the reason they’re cheap is the maintenance fee is around $5K annually.

Nick is going to own 1/2 of Fla if he does not get some Real Inspectors down there;-);-);-);-):wink:

Is that less or more than it costs to do all the HOA does? I don’t see how an individual can do all that for less. Aren’t there some efficiencies gained by an HOA?

What does the HOA offer that makes it worth $400 a month?

May I ask, why? What was the reasoning for the buy back??

Lawn care, exercise room, swimming pool, billiard room, clubhouse, laundry, extra storage, heated pool, tennis, spa putting green, exterior maintenance, parking lot, roof, etc.

The HOA is what makes this a deal.


Was thinking same thing… What’s up down there?

What would stop someone from making a under table deal to inflate the selling price just to get a buyback from NACHI? Kickbacks could go to seller and buyer.

A bad GFCI is not a reason to buy back a unit. Hire an electrician for $150.00 and it is fixed. What was the real reason for the buyback?

The last 5 homes we bought back were all because of bad GFCIs. Nothing else wrong with the homes.

Buyers with buyers remorse often complain to and about their home inspector. It’s human nature I guess. And a small percentage of those consumers go further: Sue the agent, sue the inspector, post bad reviews, make insurance claims, complain to licensing boards, etc. The “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee takes those often “career destroying” clients and makes them and the agents involved advocates of the home inspector.

The agents often get three commission checks out of one Buy Back deal. It’s a total win-win-win.

You should change the terms Nick to remove this type of silliness.

Look, if some consumer wants out, we want them out. It’s good for the InterNACHI member (and the agent who referred him/her) if we just make that consumer happy and disappear. And that’s what the Buy Back program does.

Nobody in their right mind is going to sue an inspector or agent over a bad GFCI. They do not stand a chance. I can understand buyers remorse, but there has to be more to it than that. They loose way too much money in moving expenses and closing costs to back out over a bad outlet. And how are you making money selling the property for $4000 less than you paid for it, unless all of that money is made up in the thousands of $5 fees you collect every day. I still say something is not right here.

We often help them with their moving costs. And we help InterNACHI members with their closing costs if they buy one of the homes we bought back. And we always drop the price on those homes. And we try to use the agent that recommended the participating InterNACHI member to buy and sell the home for us so that the agent gets more commission checks.

That’s exactly what ASSHI’s Board of Directors said two Saturdays ago at their board meeting when they scrolled down this page and clicked on all these links: . They said: “Something is not right here. How does InterNACHI provide so much for free?”

My reply is: what the heck is ASSHI doing with all that due revenue? Something is not right here. :wink:

Bill Siegel, you are simply going to have to come to the realization that you live on Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.