Anyone want this home? We'll help with closing costs or whatever. Very inexpensive.

As part of InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee](, we purchased this property:

If you want it, let me know and I’ll help with your closing costs or whatever you need to buy it.

The owner didn’t like the ocean and so complained her front door was broken and that our member missed it. Nothing wrong with the place at all. And of course, you can inspect it.

We hired the agent who referred the InterNACHI member to buy the property for us. And today, we gave her the listing to sell it for us.

I think you can probably guess who her office is now using for all their home inspections.

give me 97% LTV non-recourse, 3.5% fixed for 30yrs owner financing and I will take it “as is” …of course I would expect 3% as the buyers broker

Looks nice.
305 on HOA expense

Actually lower than last 2015 sale.


some serious questions about this program…how did Internachi finance the purchase? does it actually take title to the property? Has it in this case? how is it verified that the first purchase was actually at market value? is there an exposure limit set in place?

So, since when do you buy a unit back when a client claims the front door is broken, when you say there is nothing wrong with the property. Either there is more to the story, or you are setting a dangerous precedent

We always pay cash.

Yes, unless a buyer pops up before our closing.

We closed and took title.

We never do as we don’t agree to buy homes at market value. We agree to pay whatever your client paid.

No, there is no limit.

Anyway, we’ll make this a sweet deal for any InterNACHI member who wants it.

Will the front door be fixed?

Sure! :wink:

How was the front door “broken”? 3 out of 4 entry doors I inspect are not properly installed/ “broken”.

You can rent this property out:

Nice, you should rent this property out, can get great income from a seasonal rental! Probably $1300 off season and $2200 in season, course I am estimating with out looking at the comps.

Wow what an opportunity for you guys. Ocean view in Florida for $139k, unbelievable. Did you manage to sell the previous one that John I believe was going to buy?

Are there more pictures? The agent’s site is not built yet.

No, we kept that one and rented it.

Nope. Never been there.

And we’d probably accept $129K.

Could be a good bargain.

It’s a shame it can’t be leased as an income property.

Thanks for finding that video Chuck:

Live like a King for $129K.

Beach front property, nice condo, golf course, club house, covered parking, and all for $129K.

Un-freaking real. Wow. !

Units in this same building have sold on average of $140K to $148K in the last few months. Price values have continued to climb at a steady pace for the last decade.

Nice deal for one lucky person who wants to move to Florida and live on the beach… IMHO. I better not tell my wife about this. She loves the beach. LOL.

I love it! If I thought I could get financing for a vacation home, I’d be all over it.