Antique Chrysler Airtemp Oil Burner

I have what looks like a very old oil burner, that must have been retired from service 40 years ago when a previous owner converted our boiler to gas, but this piece is still here in our basement. I found this message board while searching for info about this piece of equipment online. I’m curious about its age? I feel bad just tossing this thing out if it’s as old as it looks to be. It seems to pre-date anything I’ve found in terms of interpreting serial numbers on Chrysler Aritemp oil burners.

Pictures below, oil burner no. 832266

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Wow, that must have been installed by Davey Crockett. I would call Chrysler or a nearby HVAC dealership or distributor. Most of them in my area like displaying old equipment. It helps to show how long they’ve been in business and what they deal with. Might be worth a little $$$. Plus they may even remove it for you.

Most likely from the 40’s
nice post, thank for sharing!
What year was the home built?
That’s you answer

Possibly from the 50s-60s.

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I really enjoyed reading about Airtemp. I never knew part of the first auto air conditioners was mounted in the car trunks!
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Looks like 1937.


Do you have a link to this, can’t read it in the photo?

That’s a page from a 1937 issue of Life Magazine. Google “chrysler” “airtemp” “burner” “life” “magazine” and it should be in the top 10 images.


Right on, thanks!

Fun reading. I remember reading Life waiting to get a hair cut when I was a kid. And yes to all you wise guys, I did have hair at one time!


Home was built in 1912, so not quite that old, but ~80 years is still quite a long time for it to reside in the basement, even in retirement.

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That is so cool, thank you! I had googled several combinations of the terms, but never hit on this before. Looks like this is the one!

It was probably a replacement for a coal furnace then.

Good find!

Cool find for sure!

Wow, reading this thread is like going into Mr. Peabody’s way-back machine. For those that remember what that refers to.

Ah, Mr Peabody and his dog Sherman :grin:

Best to use that old burner for scrap. They were a challenge to work on.

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I seem to recall they were a feature of the The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. :thinking: