Ants in the attic

Would you concur that these do not look like carpenter ants, but “regular” ants?

Just a thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a separate heading on the MB for crawlspaces and attics (possibly basements) that aren’t related to structural? It seems that there are many posts about these areas.

Take samples to an entomologist or reputable pest control company. I believe I see a bit of rotted wood in the shadows at the right…it may have been damp which carpenter ants like.

I did a large 2+1/2 storey house a few years ago on which we saw 2 lines of ants going up the outside towards the attic area. Took samples to entomologist at the local Natural History Museum…there were actually 2 different species of carpenter ants.

Can’t tell from the pic. If you look at the body of the ant, a carpenter ant will have a smooth back, where a field ant will loof like it has a hump in it’s back.
On a side note, unless you are licensed in Ohio to perform these inspections for WDI, I would not use the word carpenter ants. Note that ants were seen and refer it to a specialist. Here is a link for Ohio license information.

In FL you can’t even call it an ant unless you are “qualified”. That actually works in the inspector’s favor. Just say it is an insect and I think you will CYA. Then it is time for the bug smashers to come and determine the pedigree and genus.

Its been my experience that if ants are in the attic…they are also somewhere else within the home and have branched off into the attic.


I have found that sometimes ants fall from low trees that either overhang or touch the roof and enter through attic vents.

“Ants in the Attic”

What kind of music to they play?

"What kind of music to they play?" - Adam Ant’s of course ( for those of us who remember the 80’s)

Also check to see if power lines (if above ground) are going through a tree. Ants love a nice electrifying walk in the late afternoon.

Cincinnati Ohio

Water and ants, ants and water note it reccomend an exterminator and ELIMINATION OF THE MOISTURE CONDITION. The second half of that was your job the first half was not. If those are carpenter ants they are unlike any species I have previously seen as the tail end of the abdomen is very pointy. The advice to take a sample to an entomologist is good but it ain’t your job.