First time for this vent type

This is a first for me. 5’ lengths of what appears to be a asbestos cement flue vent. It’s in perfect shape but I’m not sure about it and what to say about it as well.

1316 F Ave NW Cedar Rapids 030.JPG

1316 F Ave NW Cedar Rapids 031.JPG

It is Transite and cracks easily. Recommending replacement is prudent safety-wise.

What about the asbestos? I think it contains it but can’t verify…

First, I agree with Larry’s post and due to the age alone I recommend replacement. Your mileage may vary. :smiley:

Also this pipe is Single Wall and single wall clearances should apply, including no single wall heat vents in attics…

And yes more than likely that material contains Asbestos… The only way to be sure is to have a Lab test it…

So write something like “The Transite Vent pipe may contain Asbestos, you may wish to have the Transite Pipe Tested by a Lab…bla bla bla bla”""

Second paragraph down, first sentance.


You’ll never believe where I found that page !!!

How in creation did you come across that on Ebay of all places???

Lucky, I guess!