Is this gas vent a possible ACM such as "Transite"?

This is a gas vent on a home built in 1970. The vent appears to be a fiber cement product. I did not find any labeling.
Is anyone familiar with this product? What is the likelihood of it containing asbestos? What do you recommend?

Thanks in advance.

Yep. I would say so…

yep, don’t lick that…

Licking it will be fine just don’t inhale the fibers…

Transite, most likely yes.

Not a concern as long as its not disturbed.

I’ve seen it used for HVAC ducting in slabs also.

It looks like what we called a Van Packer asbestos flue pipe.

Not to mention that it is OUTSIDE!
No danger


Now there are two reasons to not want any backdrafting.