Any Cool License Plates

OK well I just recieved my new vanity tags…:smiley:
OK so what ya got ?:wink:


It needs one of these:

After The Football season when Skins win it all…Hey but notice I did add the Nachi and Iac3 decals:)

My Wife’s car…

Very cool Jim. Now I have a new project to work on… What to get? What to get???

Thanks Eric, I was surprised it was available as my #1 hoice. I had a few others lined up if that failed. INSPECR HOUSEDR for those of you in Jersey SPECTA

OK now here is the pisser, since the wife does all my mold Chain of Custody forme )COC) I wanted her to get COCGIRL :roll: well she didn’t go for it…hummmm wonder why…hahaha


Mine is N SPCT.


Ask 4 me

Jeff, I like it…:wink:


Mine are the same as yours James. Except for being Virginia tags of course.

I have one says “HONOROX”

assman is taken

What did you expect in todays society? Think about it! :shock:

You gotta love Kramer!


Man! I’m in Maryland too…now what am I supposed to get :twisted:

For some reason, no one gives us any trouble :wink:

Hey John, you are right up the road from me.:wink: I actually do quite a few inspections in Frederick:roll: