Need a car tag?

I was washing my car today and happened to think about my front tag. I bought it off an eBay seller and I was so impressed with the quality when I received it, I emailed her back and she sent me another at a discount. I was thinking the first one would fade but after a year and a half (and a gazillion car washes) it still looks like new. Anyway, it took me a while but I found the seller and she is still selling the custom logo tags. Here’s her link . Just thought I would share because it’s not every day you run across a well made product.


I love this one.

Here’s mine on Smittybuilt dual tube front bumper on my '89 Z71 short bed. The tag is attached with very special prison security screws.

Joe, how did you make your image so large?

Needs one of these They’re free!

I have one on the front plate and one on the back plate of my truck, thanks Nick.

COPS pulled me over and made me take it off because it blocked the tax stickers…

I have a NACHI Plate Gerry Beaumont sent me many moons (and vehicles) ago!

Google images, search for “car tags” or anything else. Copy the link location. Paste link into this BB using the little landscape icon with a paper clip. Voila!

still have the frame and the vette…