Personalized plates

I’ll start with a question.

How many have personalized plates on the vehicle? If so post a pic so we can all see.

Mine is N SPCT


Mine is NCHI 1 and a logo tag for the front. I’ll try to post pix tomorrow.


Under the “B 4 U Close” Sign

How about DEALKLR

I have just ordered some NACHI license plate frames. I’ll post a thread with pics when they arrive!

Lisa, I would like to know where you got my pic.

The License Plate Frames should be available in about 2 weeks.

Here is what the frames look like.

Will have on the top and “Inspected Once, Inspected Right” on the bottom.

:smiley: Go NACHI:D


Dee has the NACHI plate in CO and Russell Spriggs has it in ID.

Mine is 3892K4. Get it? Huh? Get it?

Will, I don’t get it. Help.

Commercial vehicles are not permmited to have personalized plates. Must be commercial TRUCK tags for car,van or truck. Frames do work:)

My commercial vehicles in AZ have personalized plates…perhaps OH is different…

8 of them…all personalized.

TONY!!! Where have you been? Its great to see you posting again.

I had a 1960 Mini-Cooper that was right hand drive. Drove to car shows with my German shepherd in the left seat which looked like he was driving. The plate for the car was ‘NO DRVR’.

Funny story
My son who is also a homeinspector ( Longer then me ) is I NSPEK
We where doing a very large home in Toronto Mine is I INSPK
We were in the home and in comes the agent .
He said how come you guy’s have the same License plate .

This is too good to pass up .
Well his name is Roy Cooke
My name is Roy Cooke
I said well he is an electrician
I am an electrician.
He is a home inspector
I am a home inspector
Should we not have the same plate .

OH YUH I guess so .
Two Guys our sides are hurting trying not to laugh.
Roy Cooke …


Mine is *F-ASHI :wink: *