Any Duck Hunters Out There?

Well it is about that time. Yipieeee ya hoo Duck Season.

Is anyone hunting the STA’s this year? They cannot be beat :slight_smile:

New pup is fired up and ready to go.

Yeah, he looks all fired up…

Go get 'em Mike!



She will just be riding along this year.:smiley:

I will. To bad there are not many waskilly wabbits out there :slight_smile:

Good looking pup…should have noticed the pink collar indicating it was a “she”. Are there a lot of duck hunters in your area? None around here, but now over in Louisiana…everyone hunts dem damn ducks.

Not alot but Florida has actually done something right by letting us hunt in the STA’S Storm Water Treatment Areas. Before the STA’s it was tough hunting for Ducks in Florida. They are practically alligator farms. The hunting is world class. Where else can you go in the afternoon and have a great chance of getting your limit :slight_smile:

It was a great afternoon. I will post some pictures tomorrow.