Anyone Going Duck Hunting Tomorrow?

Sta 3/4 for me and the brown dog and little one :slight_smile:

Nope, it’s bow season here. I have a inspection in the morning but later I will try to get out. Backstraps😜

Good Luck. It is a short weekend early teal woodduck hunt. I doubt there will be many as it has not gotten cold enough up north to push them here. Only local ducks will be around. But the Daughter Bi-ch and I should have fun :slight_smile: Some one please tell me why the propper name of a female dog cannot be posted here :frowning:

Poor little things!
Fried is good…even baked with rice and brown gravy .

As much as I hate to admit it.

I have not found a good way to eat wild duck or goose yet. :frowning:

I keep trying.

What I do not eat I give to less fortunate or use for training.

Heck in Canada north of Winnipeg I truley believe I helped a great number of local indigenous elders make it thru the winters with the game we gave them. It is like I have a second Canadian family “eahhh”

Made us feel great. They cleaned what we wanted, we made lifelong friends and they really appreciated the excess we did not want.
Win, Win, Win for all. I sure miss those 10 to 12 day yearly trips.

There are a few Canadians on this board the need a good goosing .

And There is at least one that has always been there to help me and offer advice to me when I needed it.

Canada is a beautiful place with great people but F-cked up laws and many of the great folks have f-cked up damn near communist ideas.

I love it and them despite it all :slight_smile:

I can’t bring myself to kill something, just because.

Never been hunting and stop and pick turtles up and bring them across the street so they don’t get run over…

Just me…yes I eat meat, I just don’t personally kill the animal…

Do you kill roaches ?

just can’t seem to bring myself with getting enthused with duck hunting in 90° weather!

bow hunting either! The chiggers eat you alive here before the first frost!

The heat sucks. And I help the Soft Shell turtles right into my truck.

They taste AWESOME.mmmmmmmm