I Need a Deer

Anyone in Florida have their own land where you will allow me to hunt?. I’ll split everything and take good care of your property when hunting for sure.

I can hunt whatever you prefer with but if land is productive enough and nobody else really hunts it I would love to hunt it with my recurve. I have not shot anything with it ever but have not had many hunting opportunities in the last 15 years or so.

I would love to jerky a whole deer except the loin and back straps and split it with someone. The ribs we can BBQ on the day of sharing the jerky.

I bet if I had a 1/2 to a deer or 2 a year I could make into jerky and or pemmican". Old a-s way of preserving and carrying meat" I would lose substantial weight. Link is good https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pemmican

That reminds me I had Choke Berry wine this year in Canada almost nightly.
Interesting and good for someone who normally does not drink wine.
Home Made by an 80 something yo old gentleman.

Good luck last time I hosted deer camp we butchered 9 deer. We made jerky, burgers, steaks, roasts, saugage links and patties, and brats.

MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmm good :slight_smile: