ANY South Florida Deer Hunters Out There


It has been years and I am looking for a GREAT place I can go archery hunting for Deer. I would prefer a fat doe as racks do not mean much to me anymore.

I only have a 2 wheel drive truck and need somewhere with easy access.

Any ideas tips or sugestions would be greatly appreciated.


Anyone who sends me deer I will jerky it and split it with you. You butcher cut and send and I’ll marinate, dry and send you back 1/2.

Yummy, Yummy

I will jerky it and split it with you.

Really ?

just jerking your chain Mike


have you ever made it out of cornbeef?

I finally learned how to make jerky and have not gotten a deer in years :frowning:

try cornbeef

Nope. That sure sounds like a good plan. I love corn beef.

Do you use a specific brand or do it yourself?

what ever they have at the store.

don’t forget to send me my half :slight_smile:

don’t get me wrong deer is good but cornbeef is year round and very good

i have a friend that does it

smoked cornbeef is also GOOD

I hear the keys are a great place to hunt deer. Ought to bag you a nice boone and crockett down there.

I’ve tried to smoke it but suck at it.

I think it might be full of nitrates and such but will have to read the label. It does have that unnatural red color.

How do you slice it and do you add anything else? Does it seem salty?

I can get it a at a good price for a huge piece at restaurant depot by me.

weren’t they at the ALAMO ??

I’ve got a picture of a few down there.

We went hunting one day. I bagged 2.

I on film and one on video. :smiley:

I can’t find them yet :frowning:

buy the small tips the big ones are not good for what we are talking about not enough fat left on them and the tips are tender when smoked (right)

salty yes but makes GREAT jerky

BIGGER is not always better QUALITY is better with some things

how did you smoke it ? papers,pipe ?

i use a smoker with hickory and apple

just take it out of the package and it is ready to slice and shrink

same with smoking it but put it in the smoker fat side up

Electric with thermostat and forgot the wood. I think I just do it to slow and low. I think I need to do it fast.

The company below and a model about 10 years older.

then you baked it

you didn’t smoke it

I have personally tested Mr. Browns smoked corn beef and i can tell you it is AWESOME !!! of course if you try getting it out of His smoker while he is awake He is a pretty good shot so just be carefull…best to look in the window first and make sure He is sleeping…man that buckshot hurts…

I agree I have removed some insulation from the unit and am considering removing all of it and venting it so I can get better smoke at lower temps.

heck Mike

i use propane for my heat and start out with everything frozen the longer it takes to reach the proper temp inside the meat the more it sucks the smoke in