Any help on seeing if warranty will be covered for blistering

So I recently had hail damage to my garage roof. Well come to find out that it was blistering too after less than a year old. Well I have proper ridge vent venting. It doesn’t get insanely hot in my garage. I along with a knowledgeable buddy installed them. The singles themselves are 3 tab GAF Royal Sovereign from Lowes. So my question is, is it even worth battling with GAF to do a warranty claim? Are they just going to deny it or give me the run around? Any advice or insight is helpful. I have pictures of my roof set up. My email is

If you do not ask GAF, the answer is NO, so ask them.

GAF | Royal Sovereign Roofing Shingles

[FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif]What Is Not Covered.
Even if your GAF Products were not properly installed according to GAF’s
application instructions or to standard good roofing practices, this limited
warranty remains in effect. However, GAF will NOT be liable for and this warranty
does NOT apply to:
(1) Damage resulting from anything other than an inherent manufacturing defect
in the GAF Products, such as:

(a) improper fastening of your shingles or accessories or application not
in strict accordance with GAF’s printed application instructions, if the
improper installation was the cause of the damage.
(b) settlement, movement, or defects in the building, walls, foundation, or
the roof base over which the shingles or accessories were applied.
© inadequate ventilation.
(2) Damage resulting from causes beyond normal wear and tear, such as:
(a) acts of nature, such as hail, fire, or winds (including gusts) over the
applicable wind speed listed above.

(b) impact of traffic on the roof or foreign objects, including damage
caused by objects blown onto the roof by wind.
© improper storage or handling of the GAF Products.
(3) Ice damming, except for leaks in the area of your roof deck covered by a
GAF Leak Barrier which are caused by a manufacturing defect in your GAF
Leak Barrier.
(4) Shading or variations in the color of your GAF Products or discoloration or
contamination caused by fungus, mold, lichen, algae (except for blue-green
algae if your shingles or ridge cap shingles were labeled with the StainGuard
Plus™ with Time Release or StainGuard® logos), or other contaminants,
including that caused by organic materials on the roof.
(5) Labor costs, except as specifically provided for above, disposal costs, tear-off
costs, and costs related to underlayments (unless your claim involves a
manufacturing defect in a GAF Underlayment), metal work, and flashings.
(6) Damage to the interior or exterior of the building, including, but not limited
to, mold growth.
Other Limitations Concerning

All the good roofers in this area warranty their work, parts and labor, for 5 or more years. Since you were your own roofer, you provide the warranty.

The manufacturer’s shingle warranty will typically only cover new materials, not labor or underlayment or flashing or anything else. Combined with visible existing wind or hail damage, I think you already know what their response will be. But it never hurts to ask them or to file a claim with the factory…

Thanks for the responses, I did fail to mention that my travelers home insurance claims adjuster was the one who expressed that it was blistering and that they won’t cover the garage roof replacement. They said to get into contact with GAF and express concern about their product. I already know that the labor won’t be reimbursed, but am hopeful they would give me something for the product at least. But as I said too there is hail damage, so feeling is and like one person said, they won’t be doing anything about it. Then that brings me back to the insurance company. This is just a frustrating mess and here come the hoops. Any more info would be appreciated.