Roofing Warranties

My friend found this out the hard way, but if you are inspecting a house that has maybe recently been reroofed, GAF, and I assume other shingle manufacturers in their small legal writing state that you must notify the manufacturer for change in ownership for the roof warranty to continue. Apparently from what I’ve been told, GAF has a class action suit against their Alabama plant for the shingles they manufactured from around 04-07 due to premature aging of their shingles. My friend inquired as his roof was put on in 06 before he bought the house, GAF stated their shingle warranty is only valid if the new purchaser notifies them in writing that they now own the house, otherwise, nada. I just read their warranty online, and it does state that you must notify them 60 days in writing. Just some useful information I was not aware of that I can now pass along to clientele.