Termites Damage?

I’m not a termite guy, I prefer to leave it to the experts to complete the required reports and give the buyer a treatment plan so they know what they’re getting into…

But I noticed a damaged tree at an inspection yesterday and wondered if this is what termite damage would look like. Parts of the tree looked dead and were falling to the ground while other parts of the tree looked to be quite alive. The damaged areas had what appeared to be a powdery wood dust on them as well. I peeled back some bark but didn’t see anything moving around so I haven’t a clue.


The bottom pic shows internal boring that could be termites or another pest like beetles or rot worms. The external looks like woodpeckers trying to get to the insects or worms.


My guess is a type of wood boring beetle - Bostrichid.
They’re quite large compared to other Coleoptera species.
Most any wood destroying organism (except fungi) will attack dead wood in trees.
It’s nature doin’ it’s thing recycling back to the earth.
Gimme a break now, there’s over 400,000 types.

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No break @mgoldenberg, we expect you to name them all…by midnight.


Maybe get out about 10 but that’s it. :cowboy_hat_face:
My fav is the Tiger Beetle.
Bad-ass predaceous & will eat his cousins up.

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Sounds like a politician running for office… :crazy_face:


Thanks guys! I was thinking woodpeckers might’ve been in the mix there somewhere…