Any info on what this is?

The pvc is attached to the bottom of the gas meter and swivels at the connection. I never saw anything like this before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The PVC is connected to the gas meter exhust. For what reason I’m not sure.

Hi to all,

the assembly next to the meter is the gas pressure regulator, but I have never seen a waste pipe connected to one.



Was there a dryer vent/air intake/etc on the other side of the meter?

There was a gas water heater in the garage approximately just opposite the meter. The dryer vent discharged at the roof. No intake was present on the other side to my recolection.

There should not be any discharge at the regulator vent under normal circumstances.

If the Homeowner found the need and/or reason to add an extension to the vent, the Gas Utility Company should be notified as there is a clear indication of an abnormal condition.

around here lately I have been seeing where the utility is extending the vent up the the eves (sort of looks like a vent for an underground oil tank) I think the idea is to keep it away from other venting and intake openings or being clogged from weed wacker/leaf blower debris