Unusual gas meter connection

Anybody have any idea what this connection is? I know it’s not relevant to the inspection, but I’m just curious. It’s tiny: about 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide. Thanks!

With what I can see, it looks fine to me, except the pipe needs painting. I’ve not seen a meter mount like that before though.


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IMO it is relevant to the inspection, at least in my book as I consider it part of the plumbing system. I always check for any obvious issues and make sure these types of connections are made downstream of the meter, a few years back I found one that wasn’t.

I’ve seen people do this for a few reasons, supply for gas logs in a fireplace, supply for a gas grill. or possible a supply for a gas yard light. If I can’t figure it out, I put a note in the report recommending the client make inquiry with current owner as to the purpose of it.


How many gas appliances did the house have. If the gas line is only for a fireplace a small line would be adequate.

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It looks like a 3/8” gas supply line possibly supplying gas to an outdoor grill?


That is soft copper. The problems I usually find with this is;
Other end is not capped.
Entering thru walls unprotected.
Shallow or exposed run along the yard which is susceptible damage.

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Excellent, Kevin, thanks! They DID have a gas grill that was connected to another, similarly-sized copper line. And that’s great advice re: making note of it in the report.

They had five. Based on what Kevin said, I’m assuming it was for the dedicated gas grill they had.

never assume
did you fire the grill
what if it only services a fire pit, gas light(s) on the house or in the yard or other gas appliances you overlooked based on your own words “it’s not relevant to the inspection”

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If you are speaking of the gas line it appears they used the wrong thread tape as well.