Roof Decking - Insured vs Insurer

I have been hired to replace a homeowner’s roof due to hail damage. The home was built in the 50s and the 3/8" decking is clearly warped. From what I understand, code now calls for min. 7/16". The homeowner has a code upgrade clause in the policy but, the desk adjuster is saying they won’t pay for it because it was not damaged by the storm. Isn’t the decking part of the roof?? Anyone dealt with anything like this before? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

As a GC I have…what I did was was simply advise them that due to to current code (I cited and provided same) that I could not but shingles upon the existing decking and that it was also dangerous. I could either remove the decking at XXX price or depending on the size of the rafters could put a 7/16 overlayment on the existing decking and go from there.

Not sure what the local requirements are however more and more governmental agencies are requiring permits be to pulled when doing a re-roof…that in itself requires that it meet current code…getting a letter from the local code official would all but settle the matter.

You can also have your client call his agent and chew them a new one…the agent will then call the claims adjuster and that will also pretty much settle it…although the agent truly can not tell the adjuster what to do however being that the client will take their business else where…the agent will win out.

Finally, I have seen where insurance companies have only paid for the portion of roof that was damaged…usually Erie Insurance does this crap.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Jeff. The homeowner and I already have implemented solution number 2. I will try the local code official as well. Thank you again for the response.