Roof Opinion


This home owner is trying to get a new roof out of his insurance comany (his adjacent neighbors got one!) due to minor wind damage.

The insurance company agreed to replace half (backside) of his roof and reuse some of the salvaged shingles on the front side if needed.

I don’t see the need for any roof repalcement; no missing shingles and no roof leaks were observed or reported). Isn’t it a bad idea to replace half a roof anyways.

Any feedback is appreciated.






It’s up to the insurance adjuster.

My neighbor had his roof done after minor hail.

Mine was fine his wasn’t

I do allot of roof inspections…whole roof replacement for wind damage…ridiculous.

When shingles come loose from wind it is usually two things…either improper nailing (most common) or shingle failure (usually with laminated shingles).

If its due to shingle failure then they need to contact the manufacturer.



Sounds like a gold digger to me.

My exact thoughts…

Thanks Gentlemen!

Somethings are so obvious…I doubt myself!

It can also be failure of the adhesive strips.

Yeah Ken, that’s what I was referring to on the laminate shingles in particular, I have not seen so much of it with the 3 tab shingles…its usually improper nailing…but then again I do not call it out since about 95% of roofs are not exactly nailed as prescribed by manufacturer…not to mention the location of the nailing line is too close to the edge of the tabs as many experienced roofers have found…as long as fasteners go through both layers at some point I do not make a fuss…besides its often just another excuse insurance companies use to not pay out…which is what some so called Haag experts use to alleviate their clients (insurance companies) responsibilities…another reason I am not impressed with many of those guys…they are mostly hired guns utilized by some insurance companies.



I used to think that way about insurance companies in general- that they always tried to get out of paying- but I think it varies widely with insurance companies.

Over the past 9 months I’ve been working closely with the vice presidents for property claims, claims adjustment supervisors, trainers and claims adjusters for Farmers and Shelter Insurance companies, and I’ve been extremely impressed with their ethics. In fact I was embarrassed by my pre-conceived notions about their ethics.

When it comes to wind and hail claims, insurance is a crazy business and so far, what I’ve seen for the most part is things getting paid that I would never have paid if I’d been the claims adjuster.