Any luck with YouTube

Has anyone had any luck building a youtube channel. I just made this video about home inspections. Looking for advice on gaining followers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanx new video


Please delete the redundant post on this subject so that there is only one thread on the topic.

You need to be more specific with your question. “Any luck” is too broad in its possible meaning.

Personally, I think there are far better places to focus your attention. If you were a home buyer or Realtor (these are your markets, BTW), would you subscribe to a home inspector’s channel? I know I wouldn’t.

If it’s something you enjoy doing, sure. Once you get it up with a few dozen well-produced and informative videos, incorporate it into an overall marketing strategy. I would not expect it to become a viable lead source just by itself, though.

Thanx man. Honestly were busy real busy. I already have everything else working so now were focusing on building YouTube channel. We look at it as building a brand. We want to be seen everywhere. I no inspectors who have success with YouTube. So its our next market to work on.