Any new Florida Inspectors need a ride along?

Inspection went really well. Roy is very knowledgeable and gave me some good insight and as a bonus we were surprised with a home that showed lots of signs of chinese drywall. Thanks again Roy! It was a pleasure.

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Thanks for the update, Jason! Good on ya! :smile:

Roy is a smart cookie!

Don’t try to mess up my bad reputation.

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Thank you Sir. I look forward for you riding with me again…
That was a fun inspection yep!

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Just a Flippin cookie.

Ahh, Sir Roy, you don’t need any help with that! :rofl: :joy: LOL!

You made me laugh. God bless to you and yours. Call me if you ever need me. Yep!

Thanks, my friend, Sir Roy! I appreciate that. :smile:

And, laughter is good medicine.

I agree Brother.
Have a great evening.

Can a Yankee do a ride along??

Listen to you…Uh Huh! They usually come over in the cover of darkness…
Do you have any tally blood in your system…
Answer with a simple “Yes” or "No…
I’ll be waiting

Yep,100% ital!

Hi Mr. Roy Lewis, Do you still do Ride Alongs? I’m in Florida, currently working on getting my license. If you do, do you require the Home Inspectors License to be obtained before you will allow a ride along?

Thanks in advance,

Yes! For liability reasons.

Ok, thank you.

Roy I have talked to you before and have a lot of respect for you and your experience and have a ton of little stupid questions I would love to throw at you over a day. I am disappointed I am only now seeing this. I would love to do a ride along with you and pick a few things up the next time you offer this.

New to the business I will be reading this carefully. If you have anything else you see as helpful I would be grateful.

Check your messages.