Any one want to do some insurance and regular inspections?

I just had another surgery and am seeking some folks to start doing inspections for me. Kind of thinking of having a few or more people doing it in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach to start off. This may become permanent as I do not enjoy doing them but can acquire them. You must be a licensed Home Inspector or someone qualified by the law to do inspections and you have to be a person who does what he or she says. How we will book I am not sure yet you will collect under your company and pay me weekly or biweekly my share. I am open to any ideas. Call me to discuss 954-922-0584. It would likely be good for smaller size younger folks who want to work a lot. Keeping you busy enough to make it mutially beneficial for us both would be my goal.



 I am sorry to hear about you having another surgery. I wish you a speedy recovery, and for you and your family to be alright. I am very familiar with all of those areas. I am working my tail off to get down that way. I am considering my date to take The Florida's Home Inspectors Examination. I had planned on December 06, 2015.

  A lot of things are still up in the air right now, as to our actual move date to Southeastern Florida. One thing is for sure, at this stage in my life / career, I could go pretty much anywhere. I have decided to move back to Florida. I am going to perform inspections in Virginia, very soon to help us get down there financially. 

I plan on staying busy from the first week of my arrival. I had originally planned relocating around August 2015. I am re-thinking my time table. I have found some pretty good deals on Craigslist that I can afford right now. If I have to, I will go to work at one of the hospitals down there, or do some construction / laborer jobs, until I am a little more stable. With my experience in both fields, I should get hired easy. If I have to, I’ll work at McDonalds for one job and mowing yards for another.

I am so busy homeschooling my daughter (Autumn) and a long list of other things right now. I am even considering sub-contracting or being an employee for one of the many Home Inspection companies, in that area. I currently am working on a website for my Florida Home Inspection business. I have been talking with different GL & E/O providers, who have quoted me some pretty decent prices on insurance. I have been in touch with The Florida Department of State Division of Corporation, to legally have a unique Fictitious Business name in Florida.

Some things are not going quite as fast as I’d like them too and other things that I thought would take longer, I have already accomplished or as Nick Gromicko says: I’ve conquered them.

I am working my self to the point of exhaustion. I wish you well and you are in my prayers Michael Meeker.

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Thanks I Wish you well also.