any suggestions on this

What could cause the discoloration on the wall coming from the outlet? I think it is water coming from the roof down the wall and entering the outlet and now the outlet componets are rusting.

Any suggestion or different thoughts.


I would agree, Also, I think I see 2 round areas of discoloration from moisture where I assume the drywall nails would be .

yep that is the drywall nails starting to pop. I just wanted some suggestions on this before I wrote it up.

Well, I am not a HI yet. So do not rely on me. I am in training.

Is that a humidifier right next to it? Or a dehumidifier? It does appear to be moisture related, especially if the box is starting to rust.

Or is that unit a space heater?

That is a space heater plugged into the outlet. :shock:

A heater. OK. Is there a window close to that outlet?

yes there is here is a pic from outside and on inside, there is a window a/c in the widow next to this wall.



OK. That’s what I was getting to. There had to be a source close by for moisture. With those pictures and the rust, I would definitely go with moisture. BTW, nice install on the A/C.

Don’t forget the chance of the HVAC condensate from the air-conditioner. Leaving the window open for the air-conditioner and is probably the source though!

oh, take a look at this one. same house.


Kind of makes you laugh. You see all the “ventilation” around the A/C and right next to it is the space heater. Wonder if they were using both. Probably not, but funny pics when you consider them together.

I got alot of good pics from this job. Some of them make you say what where they thinking?

That is hi-tech right there.

Did you get a chance to check the attic space in that area??? or the roof for a vent that the flashing may have gone bad and leaking from that area. How was the framing around the a/c unit, was there any weather stripping or anytype of securement for water intrusion…

No access to the attic it was bolted shut… and come to think of it there was a vent in that area with no flashing at at all.



I’m with Ian, no doubt it’s the window w/the cardboard “safety glass” window pane & possibly the condinsation line from the a/c unit too. Was their last name “Clampett” & are they moving to Beverly Hills???

They call him “Mr. Sparkie” :smiley: I tink it is because it was from the three electric fixtures that were exposed and live in the inside and the other two that was outside.